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November 25th, 2014

Thanksgiving Recess - Early Dismissal
November 26th, 2014

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November 27th, 2014

Thanksgiving Recess - No School
November 27th, 2014

ELP Open House for the 2015-16 School Year
December 8th, 2014

BOE Regular Meeting
December 9th, 2014


Expanded use of ASPEN for

Student Contact & Medical Emergency Information

Sharing Directory Info & Email/Text Notifications

Darien is now using ASPEN, a secure Web-based information management system to collect contact and medical emergency information and for parents to request non-disclosure of directory information for students.  School Messenger will be used for email/text notifications in place of Ed Alert.

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Darien, CT (September 24, 2013) -  The Darien Board of Education is pleased to announce the creation of a local dispute resolution process that will be available to Darien families during the 2013-2014 school year.  This process was developed by retired Hearing Officer Mary H.B. Gelfman in cooperation with school officials, Darien parents, and experts in special education.

This special dispute resolution process was developed to afford Darien parents the opportunity to seek resolution of special education complaints involving their own children in an expeditious and fair manner.

This past summer, the Board directed its attorneys to identify an independent person to create and administer a local, alternative dispute resolution process for the school community.  The Board’s attorneys, working together with Attorney Andrew Feinstein, who has been working on behalf of parents in Darien, recommended the appointment of Attorney Mary H.B. Gelfman. 

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postheadericon Power Point Report on Survey Results for an Independent Person to Oversee Special Education in the Darien Public Schools for the 2013-14 School Year


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postheadericon Update: Attention Parents of Children with disabilities


On September 11, 2013, from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m., parents of children with disabilities (special education and/or Section 504 plans) are invited to attend a parent only meeting with Attorney Sue Gamm, the Board’s independent investigator, for the purpose of sharing any information relevant to the investigation into special education/Section 504 practices, policies and/or procedures.  Also, Attorney Gamm has indicated that the meeting is open to parents of those exited or denied services during the SRBI and referral process.


The parent-only meeting will be held at the Board of Education meeting room at 35 Leroy Avenue.


Attorney Gamm will also hold an evening meeting for parents in early October. Details about the date, time and location of the October parent only meeting will be announced later in September.


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postheadericon Darien Public Schools Special Education Request


The Darien Board of Education requests that any special education parent who has an interest in serving on the Search Committee for the Independent Person to Oversee Special Education in the Darien Public Schools during the 2013 – 2014 School Year to please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Please include any pertinent information that you would like to share to help guide us in our parent selection process.  This should include the grade and school of your student(s), or if your student is out placed.  We will leave the email available until next Tuesday, September 3. 


We are trying to be as fair and reasonable as possible given the unusual circumstances that we are facing.  We will select 1 parent from the general special education population and one from our organized parent volunteer groups, including CDSP, SEPAC, or a parent who is part of the special ed. complaint.  We will not announce the parent participants in order to maintain their personal confidentiality.  In order to insure candidate confidentiality, we will be asking all participants to sign a confidentiality agreement.  We anticipate having 1 or 2 interview sessions, depending on candidates’ availability.  The time commitment could be approximately 4 hours, probably in the evening, on those days depending on the interview schedule.  We are hoping to be able to have this process completed before the end of September.



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postheadericon From The Board of Education


August 8th Public Hearing Details


The Darien Board of Education has committed to gathering input from the community about the characteristics, experience, and skills that they would like to see in an Independent Person to Oversee Special Education in the Darien Public Schools during the 2013-14 school year. The community is invited to attend a Public Hearing on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Auditorium (located at 2 Renshaw Rd.)  Click here if you would like additional information as to what to expect at the public hearing.


If you are unable to attend the Public Hearing or would prefer to provide written input, please follow the link here to access a brief survey. Survey results must be submitted by August 12, 2013.


Thank you for taking the time to help the Board of Education in this important process.

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