An Artist's Rendering of Darien High School

Bell Schedule:


Statement of Core Values and Beliefs

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We, the members of the Darien High School community, believe that learning best occurs in an environment that is safe, supportive, respectful and intellectually challenging for all students, one that promotes personal excellence through active, collaborative and creative thinking; individual growth; and development of the skills and integrity necessary to become productive members of society.


Learning Expectations:


Darien High School students will:

  1. think critically, creatively, and adaptively while working independently and collaboratively to gain knowledge, to identify, understand, and solve problems, and to accomplish goals;
  2. communicate effectively in multiple contexts and for various purposes;
  3. develop reading and research strategies, observation skills, and aesthetic awareness through engagement with authentic, inquiry-based tasks;
  4. demonstrate an awareness of multiple perspectives with a knowledge of and sensitivity to past and present cultural and individual differences;
  5. value and demonstrate personal responsibility and ethical decision-making;
  6. develop the skills necessary to lead a healthy and balanced life, as characterized by physical wellness, self-awareness, emotional maturity, and personal independence; and
  7. demonstrate an understanding of civic rights and duties by positively and responsibly contributing to the school and larger communities.



Approved by the DHS Faculty and Darien Board of Education