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Computer Studies: AP Computer Science

  • Number of Semesters: 2
  • Number of Credits: 1
  • Level: 400
  • Type: Elective- Fulfils Fine Arts Requirement
  • Notes:
  • Prerequisite: Computer Science with a grade of B+ or higher and permission of the teacher.

Course Objectives: 1. To design and implement computer based solution to a variety of problems. 2. To design and select appropriate algorithms and data structures, which are applied to the solution of a problem. 3. To identify and apply well-known algorithms and data structures. 4. To read and understand the design and development of a large program, as well as its resulting code. 5. To code fluently in a well-structured high level language. 6. To develop an awareness of the social, ethical, and professional aspects of computer technology.

Description: This course is intended to serve as an introductory course for Computer Science majors, a substantial course for students who will major in other disciplines that require significant involvement with computing, or for individuals with a high level of interest in Computer Science. In the second semester, students will have the option of preparing for the AP Computer Science exam or an appropriate related experience in Computer Science topics.

Expectations: Students will achieve the objectives of this course through a series of individual, small group, and large group projects. All students will be involved in the presentation of their work to the group. Individual assessment will be based on the level of projects completed, presentation of projects, and a self-evaluation by each student. Students will be actively involved in all course activities and assessed on their individual performance. Students are encouraged to compete in computer competitions.

Course Curriculum: AP Computer Science Curriculum (pdf)