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11 12

History: AP European History

  • Number of Semesters: 2
  • Number of Credits: 1
  • Level: 400
  • Type: Elective
  • Prerequisite: World Studies and departmental approval.

Course Objectives: 1. To develop an understanding of the principal themes in modern European history. 2. To analyze historical evidence and express historical understanding in writing. 3. To trace the developments over time and relate this to current events and issues.

Description: This course begins with the Renaissance in Europe and ends with the present. It covers all facets of European history: economic, social, cultural, political, intellectual and diplomatic. It is an intensive look at the people, events and the arts in Europe from 1450 to 2000. The format of the course is tied to the AP exam in that it is a survey course, but one that also must explore topics in detail.

Expectations: Each student must be able to work independently to complete challenging reading assignments and come to class each day prepared to discuss these readings. As in any other AP course, a great deal of responsibility is placed on the student. Students will also work in small groups to prepare presentations of various topics to the class. There will be a variety of tests including essays on document-based questions, which will help prepare students for the AP exam. There will also be some short research assignments.

Course Curriculum: AP European History Curriculum (pdf)