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Computer Studies: Computer Science

  • Number of Semesters: 1
  • Number of Credits: 0.5
  • Level: 900
  • Type: Elective- Partially Fulfils Fine/Practical Arts Requirement
  • Notes: Open to all students regardless of prior computer experience.
  • Prerequisite: None

Course Objectives: 1. To develop the ability to create logical algorithms which represent real world situations. 2. To introduce a specific high level computer language and develop competence in this area. 3. To develop a working knowledge of operating systems and user support systems commonly used in the world today. 4. To develop a basic knowledge of computer architecture. 5. To develop an awareness of the social, ethical, and professional aspects of computer technology.

Description: This is a comprehensive Computer Science course that includes an overview of the field, analysis of important issues, and problem solving techniques. In the past decade, Computer Science has matured and gained an enormous influence in all areas of the Sciences. Students need a comprehensive Computer Science course which precedes the Honors or Advanced Placement level, as in other academic areas. This course will provide a foundation for the use of computer technology for all students.

Expectations: Students will achieve the objectives of this course through a series of individual, small group, and large group projects. All students will be involved in the presentation of their work to the group. Individual assessment will be based on the level of projects completed, presentation of projects, and a self-evaluation by each student. Students will be actively involved in all course activities and assessed on their individual performance.