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Computer Studies: Web Design 1

  • Number of Semesters: 1
  • Number of Credits: 0.5
  • Level: 900
  • Type: Elective- Partially Fulfils Fine/Practical Arts Requirement
  • Notes:
  • Prerequisite: None

Course Objectives: 1. To define terms associated with the World Wide Web and the hypertext markup language. 2. To demonstrate knowledge of the Internet and the various tools utilized including: browsers, e-mail clients, FTP clients, compression utilities, newsreaders, and search utilities. 3. To demonstrate an understanding of basic Web design principles. 4. To demonstrate awareness of design considerations that affect Web page construction including audience, browser version, and cross platform issues. 5. To demonstrate knowledge of how to design and create effective and structured Web pages using XHTML, CSS, and other emerging Web technologies. 6. To demonstrate knowledge of appropriate use of color and typography on the Web. 7. To demonstrate knowledge of the various tools used to create XHTML documents including Dreamweaver. 8. To demonstrate an understanding of the importance of image compression utilizing various tools and techniques. 9. To demonstrate an understanding of the client/server relationship and various protocols used on the Internet.

Description: This course introduces students to basic concepts, issues, and techniques required to develop and maintain Web sites. During this course students will learn about Web page planning, design, layout, construction, and setup of a Web site. HTML, XHTML, basic JavaScript, CSS, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, and various other web page and image creation tools are taught in this course.

Expectations: This course is geared for all students with an interest in designing Web sites. The required activities include: class assigned readings, homework, projects, tests, and quizzes.