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Computer Studies: Web Design 2

  • Number of Semesters: 1
  • Number of Credits: 0.5
  • Level: 900
  • Type: Elective- Counts Towards Fine/Practical Arts Requirement
  • Prerequisite: Web Design 1 with a grade of C or higher.

Course Objectives: 1. To create standards-based professional websites. 2. To hand-code HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript to create the websites. 3. To communicate; work effectively and productively with their peers in group projects. 4. To create aesthetically pleasing, accessible, and technically sound dynamic websites.

Description: The Web Design 2 course continues where Web Design 1 left off teaching students how to plan, organize, and create a website from start to finish. Moving away from WYSIWYG programs and delving into HTML, Cascade Style Sheets (CSS), and other web programming languages.

Expectations: Instruction will be a combination of lecture, hands-on creating, guided individual and group projects, and reading assignments. Students will examine the how-to, ins and outs, and pitfalls of using graphics, color, and fonts on web pages as well as working with tables, forms, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will create standards-based websites that are accessible and usable by a full spectrum of users. The final project will be to produce a website for a teacher or club at DHS, or a website for a local non-profit company in the community.