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Dear Student,

This catalog contains a comprehensive program of study with a vast and varied selection of courses. The courses offered at Darien High School provide an array of possibilities for building a curriculum that is rich with theory as well as practical application. As you select your courses for the upcoming academic year please be cognizant of your interests, future plans, graduation requirements, and prerequisites. Make sure to discuss your goals and aspirations with your parents, teachers, and guidance counselor who will guide you in building a program of study that will help you achieve those goals.

Darien High School prides itself on its ability to provide an environment where students are encouraged to be reflective thinkers while striving for excellence. In the course selection process you have an exciting opportunity to realize your full potential while striving for that excellence. Please make sure to give it the attention that it requires.

Ellen Dunn - Principal

COURSE SELECTION: Students choose their courses after consulting with their teachers, parents and guidance counselor. All students are required to carry a minimum of six full time subjects, in addition to Physical Education, each semester. It is recommended that at least four of the six subjects be in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and World Language. Seniors who are taking three or more courses at the Honors or Advanced Placement level have the option to take only five full time subjects, in addition to PE.

REGISTRATION: Both students and parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with course descriptions, paying particular attention to the prerequisites for each course. Course level is initially recommended by the teacher and the Department according to the stated pre-requisites. During registration students must note alternative electives in case their original course requests are not offered or do not fit in their schedules. A list of selected courses is sent home during this process for parent signature.

SCHEDULES: Students may NOT change courses once they have been registered as registration determines which courses and the number of sections that will be required for the next school year. Final student schedules (course selections), which may reflect the changes necessary to balance class sizes and maintain students registration requests, are mailed home during the summer. Teachers’ names do not appear on preliminary schedules (course selections) and requests to change sections to have a choice of teacher are not honored.

A WORD OF CAUTION: The budgeting of time, creating a balance between academic pursuits and activities outside of the classroom, is not an easy task. Students are encouraged to seek the advice of their parents, teachers, and counselor in determining what is an appropriate and sensible program of study.

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DHS levels decoded: 200: Skills | 300: Regular | 400: Honors/AP | 650: Course may be repeated | 750: Co-curricular Activities | 900: Heterogeneous enrollment
Note: Some courses listed in this catalog may not be offered this school year as actual course offerings are limited by total registrations and by staff availability.

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DeptCourse NameLevelTextbook TitlePublisherISBN
Art AP Studio Art 400
Art Art Advanced 900
Art Art Honors 400
Art Art Foundations 900
Art Art History 300
Art Ceramics 1 900
Art Ceramics 2 900
Art Ceramics 3 900
Art Clay Sculpture 900
Art Drawing 900
Art Drawing and Painting 1 650
Art Drawing and Painting 2 900
Art Graphic Design 1 900
Art Graphic Design 2 900
Art Mural Painting 900
Art Photography 1 900
Art Photography 2 650
Art Sculpture 900
Art Silk Screen Printing 900
Business Investing and Personal Finance 900
Business Pre Law 900
Business Youth and the Law 900
Computer Studies AP Computer Science 400
Computer Studies Computer Animation 900
Computer Studies Computer Applications 900
Computer Studies Computer Science 900
Computer Studies Programming Honors 400
Computer Studies Web Design 1 900
Computer Studies Web Design 2 900
English Advanced Composition and Tutor Training 750
English American Literature 200
English American Literature 300
English American Literature Honors 400
English AP English Language and Composition 400
English AP English Literature and Composition 400
English British Literature 300
English Contemporary Fiction 200
English Contemporary Fiction 300
English Creative Writing 1 900
English Creative Writing Advanced 750
English Critical Approaches to Film 900
English Drama 1 900
English Drama 2 900
English English 9 200
English English 9 300
English English 9 Accelerated 300
English English 10 200
English English 10 300
English English 10 Honors 400
English Journalism 1 900
English Journalism Advanced 750
English Literature and Philosophy 300
English Modern Poetry 300
English Senior Composition Seminar 900
English Shakespeare 300
English World Literature Seminar 200
English World Literature Seminar 300
English Writers' Workshop 900
History America Since 1945 300
History American History 200
History American History 300
History AP American History 400
History AP Economics 400
History AP European History 400
History AP Government and Politics US 400
History AP Human Geography 400
History Comparative World Religions 300
History Contemporary Issues 300
History Economics 300
History Humanities 300
History Law and Government 200
History Law and Government 300
History Philosophy 300
History Psychology 300
History Western Civilization 200
History Western Civilization 300
History World Studies 200
History World Studies 300
History World Studies Honors 400
Mathematics Algebra 1 200
Mathematics Algebra 1 300
Mathematics Algebra 2 200
Mathematics Algebra 2 300
Mathematics Algebra 2 Honors 400
Mathematics AP Calculus AB 400
Mathematics AP Calculus BC 400
Mathematics AP Statistics 400
Mathematics Applied Mathematics 1 200
Mathematics Applied Mathematics 2 200
Mathematics Applied Mathematics 3 200
Mathematics Calculus 300
Mathematics CAPT Mathematics Workshop Seniors 900
Mathematics CAPT Mathematics Workshop Sophomores 900
Mathematics College Mathematics Topics 900
Mathematics Geometry 200
Mathematics Geometry 300
Mathematics Geometry Accelerated 300
Mathematics Multivariable Calculus 400
Mathematics Precalculus 300
Mathematics Precalculus Honors 400
Mathematics Probability and Statistics 300
Media Video Advanced 750
Media Video Production 1 900
Media Video Production 2 900
Music AP Music Theory 400
Music Band 750
Music Chamber Choir Honors 400
Music Concert Choir 750
Music Instrumental Lessons 900
Music Music Technology 1 900
Music Music Technology 2 900
Music Music Theory 900
Music Orchestra 750
Music Orchestra Honors 400
Music Voice Lessons 900
Music Wind Ensemble Honors 400
Physical Education Health 900
Physical Education Physical Education 900
Reading and Study Skills Reading and Study Skills 750
Science AP Biology 400
Science AP Chemistry 400
Science AP Environmental Science 400
Science AP Physics C: Mechanics 400
Science AP Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism 400
Science Applications of Physics and Chemistry 1 900
Science Applications of Physics and Chemistry 2 900
Science Authentic Science Research 900
Science Biology 200
Science Biology 300
Science Biology Honors 400
Science Botany 300
Science Chemistry 300
Science Chemistry Honors 400
Science Earth Science 200
Science Earth Science 300
Science Earth Science Honors 400
Science Forensic Investigation 300
Science Genetics 300
Science Marine Science 300
Science Neuroscience and Biopsychology 300
Science Physics 300
Science Physics Honors 400
Science Modern Physics 300
Special Programs Idea Program 900
Special Programs Independent Study 750
Special Programs US/China Exchange 900
Tech Ed Applications of Physics and Chemistry 1 900
Tech Ed Applications of Physics and Chemistry 2 900
Tech Ed Architecture 1 650
Tech Ed Architecture 2 650
Tech Ed Drafting 650
Tech Ed Electronics 900
Tech Ed Independent Projects in Engineering 900
Tech Ed Principles of Engineering 650
Tech Ed Systems of Technology 650
Tech Ed Woodworking 1 650
Tech Ed Woodworking 2 900
World Language AP French 400
World Language AP Spanish 400
World Language French 1 300
World Language French 2 300
World Language French 2 Accelerated 300
World Language French 3 300
World Language French 3 Honors 400
World Language French 4 300
World Language French 4 Honors 400
World Language French 5 300
World Language Latin 1 300
World Language Latin 2 300
World Language Latin 3 300
World Language Mandarin Chinese 1 300
World Language Mandarin Chinese 2 300
World Language Mandarin Chinese 3 300
World Language Mandarin Chinese 3 Honors 400
World Language Mandarin Chinese 4 300
World Language Mandarin Chinese 4 Honors 400
World Language Spanish 1 300
World Language Spanish 2 300
World Language Spanish 2 Accelerated 300
World Language Spanish 3 300
World Language Spanish 3 Honors 400
World Language Spanish 4 300
World Language Spanish 4 Honors 400
World Language Spanish 5 300
World Language Spanish Parts Courses 300