DHS SAT Program Information

Thank you for taking the time to check the SAT Information Page.

Below is a list of the basic test procedures and regulations you must follow on test day.
If you have any questions, please contact Steve Leete, the site supervisor, at 203-655-3981 (x 2269) or by email at sleete@darienps.org

Please remember: Test center security is our first concern.  We reserve the right to remove anyone who cannot follow these rules. 
If you see anyone who appears to be cheating, please notify a proctor at once. Thank you for your cooperation and support

Note: At the current time Darien does not offer language listening tests


DHS Sat Entrance
  1. Arrive between 7:30 and 7:45 to check in
  2. Use the library entrance marked on the map below
  3. Bring your ticket and photo ID and have them ready at the door
  4. Turn your cell phone OFF when you enter the building
  5. Sign in only if you are a walk-in test-taker, or if you have a ticket for another location, but want to test in Darien
  6. Only test takers are allowed past the check in desk


  1. Follow all proctor directions carefully and completely
  2. No electronic devices except approved calculators are allowed
  3. No food or drink except on breaks
  4. Keep silent in the halls while on breaks, and return promptly
  5. Follow all ETS rules completely—listen carefully!


  1. Test takers may not leave the building on breaks
  2. Remain quiet in the hallways
  3. Return promptly from breaks
  4. Again, use of cell phones is not allowed


  1. When all test materials have been collected, you will be dismissed
  2. Most Reasoning Tests end between 12:40 and 1:00
  3. Subject Tests last 1 hour, but there are 20-30 minutes of directions
  4. Please leave quietly through the library entrance at the bottom of the stairs
  5. Do not turn on your cell phone until you have left the building

National SAT Dates and Deadlines: http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-dates


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