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Portfolio Advice for the Art Major

Students applying to schools for the arts may be required to submit a portfolio as part of the application. Those students planning to major in art at a liberal arts university will find that each university addresses the question of portfolios differently. In some cases, submitting a portfolio is required, in some cases, it is discouraged, and it can vary as to whom you should send the portfolio for review. It is best to call the admissions office, or check the university website to clarify this question.

Regardless, if you choose to create a portfolio of your work, be advised that the process is time-consuming, so you should begin planning your portfolio during your junior year. Seek the assistance and guidance of one of your DHS teachers.

Your portfolio should consist of 12 to 20 examples of any type of two- or three-dimensional work you have completed recently. You should select pieces that reflect your interests, experience and abilities in the arts to date. It may be in any media, may be finished or in sketch form, and may be from an assigned class project or be self directed.

Your portfolio must be reproduced and may be submitted as 35mm slides, as unmounted photographic prints no larger than 8" x 10" or as digital image files no larger than 300k per image, on a CD or DVD. Universities will not accept work posted on a website as a portfolio submission.

Do not combine images in a prepared presentation or slideshow of any type (i.e. PowerPoint). Submit slides of your work in a clear plastic sleeve with slides labeled with your name. Include a sheet listing each slide by number, with title, medium, and dimensions. Typically, your work will not be returned. Film and animation applicants may submit a CD in jpeg format.