The Darien High School Guidance Department strives to provide optimal educational planning through individually guided course selection, personal assistance with the college selection process, student training in study skills, and awareness of summer enrichment programs, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities while providing parents and teachers with information to help in our joint endeavors of assisting the development of the individual student


  • Register early for the November SAT/ACH
  • Check Senior courses. Do they meet requirements?
  • Make appointment to see your counselor
  • Finalize college list
  • Consider carefully your responsibilities if applying for early Decision or Early Action
  • Write or call for catalogs/viewbooks and applications
  • Begin organizer for each college
  • Get off to a good start academically
  • Plan college visits and interviews


  • If you are applying under and “early decision” program, you must submit the application so it arrives by the deadline
  • Review for SAT
  • Work on college essays
  • Review transcript with your counselor
  • Plan college visits and interviews (remember thank-you letter)
  • Check for local college fairs and visits
  • Ask teachers for recommendations following school procedures. Requests for sending transcripts must be received by the Guidance Office 15 school days prior to deadlines.
  • Begin filling out applications
  • If you apply Early Decision, be aware of deadlines


  • Take the SAT or Achievement Tests
  • Send Early Decision or Early Action applications
  • Submit secondary school counselor evaluation forms as soon as they arrive
  • Keep organized and up to date!
  • Check on dates for Financial Aid nights
  • Research sources of private outside scholarships throughout the year
  • Attend Darien/New Canaan College Fair


  • SAT/Achievement Tests
  • Finish all draft applications and essays to selective colleges - - go over with counselor, teacher, or parent
  • Check application deadlines. Counselors need your applications 15 school days before deadline
  • Attend “How It Is.” Talk with graduates who are home from college
  • Attend “Financing College” night


  • File FAF or other appropriate financial aid form January 1
  • Submit mid-year grade forms to guidance office
  • Finish other college applications · SAT and/or ACH


  • Have mid-year forms sent
  • Check/apply for private outside scholarships
  • Have you sent all necessary forms and applications for financial aid?
  • Check deadlines for AP tests


  • Continue to explore college as thoroughly as possible
  • Send any new material to colleges which may help

  • Review your college responses and aid offers with your parents and counselors
  • Decide where you wish to visit if possible
  • Write withdrawal letters to colleges you will not attend
  • Make final decision - - send deposit May 1
  • You should have received your FAF acknowledgement/Student Aid Report (SAR)


  • AP Exams
  • Fill out dorm forms
  • Check arrangements for Stafford loan
  • Register for sensible courses
  • Send original and signed SAR to your chosen college


  • Complete Graduation Requirements
  • Clear your Blue List Fines
  • Graduate


  • Do something extraordinary!
  • Rev up for college!