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World Literature Since 2000 List


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Country Author Title Call Number Notes
Afghanistan Latifa My forbidden face : growing up under the Taliban B LATIFA Women
Afghanistan Zoya Zoya's story : an Afghan woman's struggles for freedom B ZOYA Women/unrest
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Kite runner CDA HOSSEINI Social classes/coming of age/boys friendships
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Thousand splendid suns CDA HOSSEINI Aghan women/abuse
Afghanistan Aslam, Nadeem Wasted vigil, the F ASLAM Life during upheaval, Pakistan
Afghanistan Ellis, Deborah Parvana's journey F ELLIS Taliban +
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Kite runner F HOSSEINI Social classes/coming of age/boys friendship
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Thousand splendid suns F HOSSEINI Afghan women/abuse
Afghanistan Khadra, Yasmina Swallows of Kabul F KHADRA Taliban
Afghanistan Staples, Suzanne Fisher Under the persimmon tree F STAPLES War +
Afghanistan Kite runner VID 791.4372 KIT Social classes/coming of age/boys friendship
Africa McCall Smith, Alexander Girl who married a lion 398.0899 MCC Folk tales
Africa Offodile, Buchi Orphan girl and other stories 398.2096 OFF African folk tales
Africa Naipaul, V. S. Bend in the river CAS NAIPAUL
Africa Dongala, Emmanuel Johnny mad dog F DONGALA Civil war/coming of age
Africa Iweala, Uzodinma Beasts of no nation : a novel F IWEALA War-children
Africa-East India Naipaul, V. S. Half a life F NAIPAUL East Indians, mixed races
Algeria Benaissa, Slimane Last night of a damned soul F BENAISSA Terroism
Algeria Benmalek, Anoura Lovers of Alergia F BENMALEK Violence, homeless
Algeria Khadra, Yasmina In the name of God F KHADRA Revenge
Algeria Marouane, Leila Abductor F MAROUANE Islam women
Antigua Kincaid, Jamaica A small place F KINCAID
Arabia Anchor book of modern Arabic fiction SC ANCHOR Collection of stories
Argentina Gorodischer, Angélica Kalpa imperial F GORODISCHER Science fiction
Argentina Martinez, Tomás Leroy Tango singer F MARTINEZ Violence
Argentina Sagastizabal, Patricia Secret for Julia F SAGASTIZABAL Argentina-politics
Argentina Sguiglia, Eduardo Fordlandia F SGUIGLIA Labor/Amazon
Australia Marshall, James Walkabout F MARSHALL Plane crash
Bangladesh Ali, Monica Brick lane F ALI Arranged marriage
Bangladesh Anam, Tahmima Golden age F ANAM Widows & war
Bosnia Susko, Mario Life after 891.82 SUS Bosnian poetry
Bosnia Drakulic, Slavenka S.: a novel about the Balkans F DRAKULIC Rape/war
Chile Bolaño, Roberto Savage detectives, the F BOLAÑO Literary movement
Chile Bolaño, Roberto Skating rink, the F BOLAÑO Mystery
Chile Donoso, Jose Obscene bird of night F DONOSO Deformity magic realism
China Jin, Ha Wreckage 811.54 JIN Poetry
China Yu, Hua To live : a novel 895.1352 YU Civil War/cultural revolution
China Li, Moying Snow falling in spring : coming of age in China during the cultural revolution B LI Cultural revolution +
China Chen, Da Brothers F CHEN Family/love
China Cheng, Francois River below F CHENG Cultural revolution/art
China Dai, Fan Butterfly lovers : a tale of the Chinese Romeo and Juliet F DAI Girls lives as a man
China Dai, Sijie Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress CAS DAI Cultural revolution
China Dai, Sijie Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress F DAI Cultural revolution
China Dai, Sijie Once on a moonless night F DAI Woman translator
China Gang, Wang English : a novel F GANG Cultural revolution
China Gao, Xingjian Soul Mountain F GAO Cultural revolution/im
China Jin, Ha Crazed F JIN Tiananmen/integrity
China Jin, Ha War trash F JIN Korean war and POW
China Ma, Jian Beijing Coma F MA Dreams, coma
China Min, Anchee Becoming Madame Mao F MIN Women
China Min, Anchee Empress orchid F MIN
China Namioka, Lensey Ties that bind, ties that break F NAMIOKA Women +
China Wang, Lulu Lily Theater, a novel of modern China F WANG Cultural revolution
China Xinran Sky burial F XINRAN Death/women
China Zhu, Tianxin Old capital, the : a novel of Taipei F ZHU Cultural and psychological realities
China Gang, Wang English : a novel F GHANG Cultural revolution
China Gao, Xingjian Buying a fishing rod for my grandfather SC GAO
China Jin, Ha Bridegroom : stories SC JIN
China Mo, Yan Shifu, you'll do anything for a laugh SC MO Repression
Colombia Manrique, Jaime Tarzan ; my body ; Christopher Coloumbus 861 MAN Colombia-poetry
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Living to tell the tale B GARCIA MARQUEZ Childhood and youth
Colombia Cañón, James Tales from the town of widows & chronicles from the land of men F CANON Widows/law and order
Colombia Franco, Jorge Rosario Tijeras F FRANCO Woman in drug cartel
Colombia Restrepo, Laura Delirium : a novel F RESTREPO War/corruption
Colombia Restrepo, Laura Tale of the dispossessed F RESTREPO Refugees, Bilingual edition.
Colombia Vallejo, Fernando Our lady of the asssasins F VALLEJO Violence
Congo Dongala, Emmanuel Johnny mad dog F DONGALA Civil war/coming of age
Cuba Eire, Carlos Waiting for snow in Havana : confessions of a cuban boy B EIRE
Cuba Benitez-Rojo, Antonio Sea of lentils F BENITEZ-ROJO Conquest of Cuba
Cuba Correa, Arnaldo Cold Havana ground F CORREA Santera/mystery
Cuba Estévez, Abilio Distant palaces F ESTEVEZ Homeless
Cuba Garcia, Cristina Monkey hunting F GARCIA Chinese/slavery
Cuba Cabrera, Infante G. Guilty of dancing the chachacha SC CABRERA Love stories
Cuba Ponte, Antonio Jose In the Cold of the Malecon and other stories SC PONTE Decline/magic realism
Dominican Republic Alvarez, Julia In the name of Salome F ALVAREZ Life of woman poet
Dominican Republic Vargas Llosa, Maria, Feast of the goat F VARGAS LLOSA Trujillo/revolution
El Salvador Argueta, Manlio Place called Milagro De La Paz F ARGUETA Magic realism/women
El Salvador Benitez, Sandra Weight of all things F BENITEZ Assassination
Ethiopia Mezlekia, Nega Notes from the Hyena's belly : an Ethiopian boyhood B MEZLEKIA Youth/corruption
Ghana Ali, Mohammed Naseehu Prophet of Zongo Street SC ALI Social life
Hungary Zsolt, Béla Nine suitcases B ZSOLT Holocaust
Hungary Bánk, Zsuzsa Swimmer F BANK Imagination/mental illness
Hungary Márai, Sándor Rebels F MARAI Young men/crimes
India Tagore, Rabindranath Lover of God 891.4414 TAG Poetry
India Martel, Yann Life of Pi : a novel CDA MARTEL
India Bajwa, Rupa Sari shop F BAJWA Social classes
India Balasubramanyam, Raj In beautiful disguises F BALASUBRAMANYAM Women/arranged marriage
India Chaudhuri, Amit Immortals, the F CHAUDHURI Music and culture
India Davidar, David House of blue mangoes F DAVIDAR Family saga
India Desai, Kiran Inheritance of loss F DESAI Relations
India Farooki, Roopa Bitter sweets F FAROOKI Family
India Ghosh, Amitav Hungry tide F GHOSH Nature
India Martel, Yann Life of Pi : a novel F MARTEL
India Sheth, Kasmira Keeping corner F SHETH Women's rights
India Sheth, Kasmira Koyal dark, mango sweet F SHETH Family/tradition/marriage
India Sinha, Indra Animal's people F SINHA Chemical aftermath of Bhopal accident
India Swarup, Vikas Q & A : a novel F SWARUP Quiz show
India Swarup, Vikas Six suspects F SWARUP Crimes against rich people
India Umrigar, Thrity N. Space between us F UMRIGAR Social classes
India Venkatraman, Padma Climbing the stairs F VENKATRAMAN Family life
India Vijayaraghavan, Vine Motherland F VIJAYARAGHAVAN Indic American
India-South Africa Coovadia, Imraan Wedding F COOVADIA Marriage relationship
Indonesia Clercq Zubli, Rita la Fontaine de Disguised B CLERCQ ZUBLI World War II occupation
International Words without borders : the world through the eyes of writers 808.83 WOR Anthology
International Literature from the "Axis of Evil" SC LITERATURE International stories
Iran Nafisi, Azar Things I've been silent about : memories B NAFISI
Iran Satrapi, Marjane Persepolis B SATRAPI
Iran Abdolah, Kader My father's notebook : a novel F ABDOLAH Political dissident
Iran Mandanipour, Shahriar Censoring an Iranian love story F MANDANIPOUR Love story
Iran Noori, Naveed Dakhmeh F NOORI Change; social condition
Iraq Al-Windawi, Thura Thura's diary 956.7044 ALW War/memoir +
Iraq Khadra, Yasmina Sirens of Baghdad F KHADRA Atrocities
Iraq Khedairi, Betool Sky so close F KHEDAIRI Iran/Iraq war-coming of age
Israel Carmi, Daniella Samir and Yonatan F CARMI Palestinians/children
Israel Kass, Pnina Real time F KASS Terrorism +
Israel Megged, Aharon Foiglman F MEGGED Interpersonal relations and culture
Israel Oz, Amos Same sea F OZ Israel-love/religion
Israel Qashu, Sayed Dancing Arabs F QASHU Palestinian Arabs/Jews
Israel Qashu, Sayed Let it be morning F QASHU Arab-Israeli conflict
Israel Yehoshua, Abraham Liberated bride F YEHOSHUA Arab/relations
Israel Yehoshua, Abraham Woman in Jerusalem F YEHOSHUA Suicide bomber victim
Israel Kerrett, Etgar Bus driver who wanted to be God and other stories SC KERRETT Middle East conflict
Israel Tel, Jonathan Arafat's elephant SC TEL
Israel (Arab author) Khadra, Yasmina Attack F KHADRA Arab-Israeli/terrorists
Jamaica Levy, Andrea Fruit of the lemon F LEVY
Japan Murakami, Haruki After dark F MURAKAMI College student/unusual encounters: sleep
Japan Murakami, Haruki Norwegian wood F MURAKAMI
Japan Oe, Kenzaburo Rouse up o young men of the new age! F OE Family/handicap
Japan Yoshimoto, Banana Asleep F YOSHIMOTO Women/novellas: sleep
Japan Yumoto, Kazumi Letters F YUMOTO Living/dead +
Japan Endo, Shusaku Five by Endo : stories SC ENDO
Japan Inside and other short fiction : Japenese women by Japenses women SC INSIDE Women
Japan Murakami, Haruki After the quake SC MURAKAMI Earthquake
Japan Straight to darkness : lairs of the hidden gods SC STRAIGHT Mythos tales
Japan Takahashi, Takako Lonely woman SC TAKAHASHI Women
Japan Tanizaki, Junichiro Gourmet club : a sextet SC TANIZAKI
Japan Tanizaki, Junichiro Makioka sisters F TANIZAKI Family life/life of women/pre WW II
Kenya Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel B HIRSI ALI
Kenya Maathai, Wangari Unbowed B MAATHAI Politics and the environment
Kenya Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel CDA B HIRSI ALI
Kenya Akpan, Uwem Say you're one of them F AKPAN Family life
Kenya Naidoo, Beverley Burn my heart F NAIDOO Friends affected by race +
Kenya Ngugi, wa Thiong'o Wizard of the crow F NGUGI Country/humor
Kenya Vassanji, M. G. In-between world of Vikram Lall F VASSANJI Colonial Africa
Korea Ko, Un Three way tavern : selected poems 895.714 KO Poetry
Korea Yi, Munyol Our twisted hero F YI Children/corruption
Latin America These are not sweet girls 861 THE Women poets
Latin America Vintage book of Latin American stories SC VINTAGE
Lebanon Hage, Rawi De Niro's game F HAGE Civil war
Liberia Cooper, Helene House at Sugar Beach B COOPER Coup d'êtat
Libya Koni, Ibrahim Bleeding of the stone F KONI Magical realism, Bedouin
Libya Matar, Hisham In the country of men F MATAR Childhood/repression
Malaysia Samarasan, Preeta Evening is the whole day F SAMARASAN Upper class families
Mexico Bordering fires : the vintage book of contemporary Mexican and Chicana literature 860.8097 BOR Mexican and Chicana/o literature
Mexico Azuela, Mariano Underdogs F AZUELA Mexican revolution
Mexico Bolaño, Roberto Savage detectives, the F BOLAÑO Literary movement
Mexico Boullosa, Carmen Leaving tabasco F BOULLOSA Magical realism/women
Mexico Esquivel, Laura Swift as desire : a novel F ESQUIVEL Relationships
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Eagle's throne F FUENTES Politial satire
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Inez F FUENTES Magical realism
Mexico Poniatowska, Elena Skin of the sky F PONIATOWSKA Astronomy/education
Mexico Taibo, Paco Ignacio Just passing through F TAIBO Heroes/revolution
Mexico Taibo, Paco Ignacio Returning as shadows F TAIBO WW II/Hemingway
Mexico Toscana, David Tula Station F TOSCANA
Mexico Rojas Gonzalez, Fran Medicine man SC ROJAS GONZALEZ Nature
Middle East Middle East 956 MID
Mongolia Tschinag, Galsan Blue sky : a novel F TSCHINAG Traditions/modernity
Morocco Abouzeid, Leila Last chapter F ABOUZEID Women/culture clash
Mozambique Couto, Mia Sleepwalking land F COUTO Refugees
Nepal McCormick, Patricia Sold F MCCORMICK Slavery/prostitution +
Nepal Upadhyay, Samrat Arresting god in Kathmandu SC UPADHYAY Life in Kathmandu
Nepal Upadhyay, Samrat Royal ghosts SC UPADHYAY
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua Collected Poems 896 ACH
Nigeria Abani, Chris Becoming Abigail F ABANI Women and abuse
Nigeria Abani, Chris Graceland F ABANI Coming of age
Nigeria Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Half of a yellow sun F ADICHIE Civil war
Nigeria Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Purple hibiscus : a novel F ADICHIE Coming of age/religion/tradition
Nigeria Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Thing around your neck, the F ADICHIE Ties with America
Nigeria Atta, Sefi Everything good will come : a novel F ATTA Women/tradition
Nigeria Habila, Helon Waiting for an angel F HABILA Political violence
Pakistan Hamid, Mohsin Moth smoke F HAMID Politics/personal corruption
Pakistan Hamid, Mohsin Reluctant fundamentalist F HAMID Race discrimination
Pakistan Shamsie, Kamila Salt and saffron F SHAMSIE Family
Palestine Qasim, Samih Sadder than water 892.71 QAS Palestinian/Arabic poetry
Palestine Barakat, Ibtisam Tasting the sky : a Palestinian childhood B BARAKAT Child refugee/1960's
Palestine Habibi, Imil Secret life of Saeed the pessoptimist F HABIBI Spy for Israelis
Paraquay Roa Bastos, Augusto I, the supreme F ROA BASTOS Politics/history
Peru Berenson, Rhoda Lori : my daughter, wrongfully imprisoned in Peru B BERENSON Political prisoners
Peru Alarcón, Daniel Lost city radio : a novel F ALARCON Political atrocities
Puerto Rico Ferre, Rosario Flight of the swan F FERRE Ballet and love story
Russia Konstantin, Anatole Red boyhood : Growing up under Stalin B KONSTANTIN Chilhood/holocaust
Russia Pelevin, Viktor Buddha's little finger F PELEVIN Reality/fantasy; past/present
Russia Ulitskaia, Ludmila Funeral party F ULITSKAIA Russia/New York
Russia Zivkovic, Zoran Seven touches of music : a mosaic novel F ZIVKOVIC
Rwanda Ilibagiza, Immaculée Left to tell : discovering God admist the Rwandan holocaust B ILIBAGIZA
Rwanda Rucyahana, John Bishop of Rwanda B RUCYAHANA
Rwanda Diop, Boubacar Boris Murambi : the book of bones F DIOP Genocide
Rwanda Jansen, Hanna Over a thousand hills I walk with you F JANSEN Genocide
Rwanda Stassen, Jean-Philippe Deogratias, a tale of Rwanda F STASSEN Genocide/graphic novel
Saudi Arabia Abodehman, Ahmed Belt B ABODEHMAN Memoir, coming of age
Saudi Arabia Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel B HIRSI ALI
Saudi Arabia Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel CDA B HIRSI ALI
Saudi Arabia Sani, Raja Girls of Riyadh F SANI Life of upper class
Sierra Leone Beath, Ishmael Long way gone : memoirs of a boy solder B BEAH Civil War/child soldier bio
Sierra Leone Kamara, Mariatu Bite of the mango B KAMARA Children as victims of war +
Sierra Leone Beath, Ishmael Long way gone : memoirs of a boy solder CDA B BEAH Civil War/child soldier bio
Somalia Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel B HIRSI ALI
Somalia Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel CDA B HIRSI ALI
Somalia Farah, Nuruddin Links F FARAH War/return
South Africa Fugard, Athol Skinner's drift : a novel F FUGARD Post apartheid
South Africa Fugard, Athol Tstosi : a novel F FUGARD Criminals
South Africa Glass, Linzi Year the gypsies came : a novel F GLASS Apartheid
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Pickup F GORDIMER Arab immigrant
South Africa Mda, Zakes Madonna of Excelsior F MDA Interracial relationships
South Africa Naidoo, Beverley Out of bounds : seven stories of conflict and hope SC NAIDOO Apartheid
Sri Lanka Selvadurai, Shyam Swimming in the monsoon sea F SELVADURAI Love
Sudan Dau, John God grew tired of us B DAU
Sudan Hari, Daoud Translator : a tribesman's memoir of Darfur B HARI Refugees
Sudan Aboulela, Leila Minaret F ABOULELA Muslim women/London exile
Sudan Eggers, Dave What is the what : autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng F EGGERS Lost Boys (American author)
Taiwan Chang, S. K. City trilogy 895.1352 CHA Modern Chinese literature
Taiwan Zhu, Tianxin Old capital, the : a novel of Taipei F ZHU Cultural and psychological realities
Tibet Benson, Sandra Tales of the golden corpse : Tibetan folk tales 398.20951 BEN Folk tales
Tibet Alai Red poppies F ALAI Pre-occupation
Tibet Norbu, Jamyang Mandala of Sherlock Holmes F NORBU Sherlock Holmes
Tibet Xinran Sky burial F XINRAN Widow/survival
Trinidad/Tobago Maharaj, Rabindranath Perfect pledge F MAHARAJ Change/cultural differences
Trinidad/Tobago Smyth, Amanda Lime tree can't bear orange F SMYTH Racially mixed children
Turkey Livaneli, O.Z. Bliss F LIVANELI
Turkey Pamuk, Orhan Snow F PAMUK Islam, love
Turkey Shafak, Elif Bastard of Istanbul F SHAFAK Armenian massacre
Uganda Isegawa, Moses Snakepit F ISEGAWA Political corruption
Uganda Go VID 967.6 GO Children and war
United Arab Emirates Gargash, Maha Sand fish F GARGASH Women/social life
Vietnam Duong, Thu Huong Beyond illusions F DUONG Communism corruption
Vietnam Duong, Thu Huong Memories of a pure spring F DUONG Post war
Vietnam Nguyen, Khai Past continuous F NGUYEN
Vietnam Thai, Ho Anh Women on the island F THAI Vietnam-women/postwar
Wales Azzopardi, Trezza Hiding place F AZZOPARDI
Zimbabwe Fuller, Alexandra Don't let's go to the dogs tonight B FULLER African childhood
Zimbabwe Fuller, Alexandra Don't let's go to the dogs tonight CDA B FULLER African childhood
Zimbabwe Vera, Yvonne Butterfly burning F VERA Women
Zimbabwe Vera, Yvonne Stone virgins F VERA Protest/dichotomy
Zimbabwe Vera, Yvonne Without a name : and under the tongue F VERA Women



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