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Country Author Title Call Number Notes
Afghanistan Aslam, Nadeem Wasted vigil, the F ASLAM Life during upheaval, Pakistan
Afghanistan Ellis, Deborah Breadwinner, the F ELLIS Taliban +
Afghanistan Ellis, Deborah Parvana's journey F ELLIS Taliban +
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Kite runner CDA HOSSEINI Social classes/coming of age/boys friendship
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Kite runner F HOSSEINI Social classes/coming of age/boys friendship
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Kite runner VID 791.4372 KIT Social classes/coming of age/boys friendship
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Thousand splendid suns, a CDA HOSSEINI Afghan women/abuse
Afghanistan Hosseini, Khaled Thousand splendid suns, a F HOSSEINI Afghan women/abuse
Afghanistan Khadra, Yasmina Swallows of Kabul, the F KHADRA Taliban
Afghanistan Latifa My forbidden face : growing up under the Taliban B LATIFA Women
Afghanistan Rumi, Jalaluddin Essential Rumi, the 891.5511 JAL Ancient poetry
Afghanistan Shah, Indries Kara, kush F SHAH Afghan civil war
Afghanistan Staples, Suzanne Fisher Under the persimmon tree F STAPLES War +
Afghanistan Zoya Zoya's story : an Afghan woman's struggles for freedom B ZOYA Women/unrest
Africa African literature in the 20th century 809.896 DAT
Africa African rhapsody : short stories SC AFRICAN
Africa African short stories SC AFRICAN
Africa Daughters of Africa 808.8992 DAU
Africa Heinemann book of African poetry in English 896.1 HEI
Africa Heinemann book of African women's writing, the SC HEINEMANN
Africa Heinemann book of contemporary African short stories SC HEINEMANN
Africa Modern poetry from Africa 896 MOD
Africa Ngambika: studies of women in African literature 809 NGA
Africa Talking with African writers 896 TAL
Africa Under African skies : modern African stories SC UNDER
Africa Voices from twentieth-century Africa 808.8 VOI
Africa Bedford, Simi Yoruba girl dancing F BEDFORD
Africa Beti, Mongo Perpetua and the habit of unhappiness F BETI
Africa Busia, Abena Testimonies of exile 896.1 BUS
Africa Dongala, Emmanuel Johnny Mad Dog F DONGALA Civil war/coming of age
Africa Gikandi, Simon Reading the African novel 809.3 GIK
Africa Iweala, Uzodinma Beasts of no nation : a novel F IWEALA War-children
Africa Kamante Longing for darkness : Kamante's tales from out of africa 398.2 KAM
Africa Mazrui, A. Africans by Ali 960 MAZ
Africa McCall Smith, Alexander Girl who married a lion, the 398.0899 MCC Folk tales
Africa McDowell, Robert Third world voices for children 808.8 MCD
Africa Naipaul, V. S. Bend in the river CAS NAIPAUL Power, oppression
Africa Naipaul, V. S. Bend in the river F NAIPAUL Power, oppression
Africa Naipaul, V. S. In a free state F NAIPAUL Culture conflict
Africa Naipaul, V. S. A way in the world: a novel F NAIPAUL
Africa Offodile, Buchi Orphan girl and other stories, the 398.2096 OFF African folk tales
Africa Olney, James Tell me Africa : an approach of African literature 809.8967 OLN
Africa Sherman, D. R. Lion's paw, the F SHERMAN Lion hunting
Africa Some, Malidoma Of water and the spirit B SOME
Africa Soyinka, Wole Collected plays 2 896 SOY
Africa Whiteley, W. H. Selection of African prose 896 WHI
Africa Zell, Hans New reader's guide to African literature REF 896 ZEL
Africa-Caribbean, U. S. Modern Black writers REF 809.8896 MOD
Africa-East India Naipaul, V. S. Half a life F NAIPAUL East Indians, mixed races
Africa-Mauritius Collen, Lindsey Rape of Sita F COLLEN
Africas African literature in the 20th century 809.8896 AFR
Albania Kadare, Ismail Chronicle in stone F KADARE World Warr II
Algeria Benaissa, Slimane Last night of a damned soul, the F BENAISSA Terroism
Algeria Benmalek, Anoura Lovers of Alergia, the F BENMALEK Violence, homeless
Algeria Djebar, Assia Fantasia : an Algerian cavalcade F DJEBAR Women, Algerian history
Algeria Djebar, Assia Sister to Scheherazade F DJEBAR Sequel to Fantasia
Algeria Khadra, Yasmina In the name of god F KHADRA Militant Islam
Algeria Khadra, Yasmina Wolf dreams F KHADRA Islamic fundamentalism
Algeria Marouane, Leila Abductor, the F MAROUANE Islam women
Americas, Pacific Ingpen, Robert Folk tales & fables of the Americas & Pacific 398.232 ING
Antigua Kincaid, Jamaica Autiobiography of my mother CAS KINCAID Death of mother
Antigua Kincaid, Jamaica Autiobiography of my mother F KINCAID Death of mother
Antigua Kincaid, Jamaica Lucy F KINCAID Domestic servant
Antigua Kincaid, Jamaica Small place, the F KINCAID
Arab Makiya, Kanan Rock, the F MAKIYA Jerusalem-history
Arabia Anchor book of modern Arabic fiction SC ANCHOR Collection of stories
Arabia Opening the gates : a century of Arab feminist writing 305.4209 OPE Women
Arabia Kritzeck, James Anthology of Islamic literature, from the rise of Islam 808.89 KRI
Arabia Murr, Muhammad Dubai tales SC MURR
Argentina Borges VID 860.092 BOR
Argentina Evaristo Carriego 861 BOR
Argentina Borges, Jorge Aleph and other stories SC BORGES
Argentina Borges, Jorge Book of sand SC BORGES
Argentina Borges, Jorge Borges, a reader : a select 868 BOR
Argentina Borges, Jorge Collected Fictions Jorge Luis Borges SC BORGES
Argentina Borges, Jorge Labyrinths : selected stories CAS 868 BOR
Argentina Borges, Jorge Labyrinths : selected stories and other writings 868 BOR Time, change, imagination
Argentina Borges, Jorge Seven nights 809 BOR
Argentina Burgos, Julia Song of the simple truth 861 BUR
Argentina Cortazar, Julio 62 : a model kit F CORTAZAR Life in Argentina
Argentina Cortazar, Julio Certain Lucas F CORTAZAR
Argentina Cortazar, Julio Change of light and other stories SC CORTAZAR
Argentina Cortazar, Julio Hopscotch F CORTAZAR Self-understanding
Argentina Cortazar, Julio We love Glenda so much and other tales SC CORTAZAR
Argentina Cortazar, Julio Winners F CORTAZAR
Argentina Costantini, H. Long night of Francisco Sanctis F COSTANTINI Disappearance, boys
Argentina Gelman, Juan Unthinkable tenderness : selected poems 861 GEL
Argentina Gorodischer, Angélica Kalpa imperial F GORODISCHER Science fiction
Argentina Martinez, Tomás Leroy Tango singer, the F MARTINEZ Violence
Argentina Puig, Manuel Blood of requited love F PUIG
Argentina Puig, Manuel Eternal curse on the reader of these pages F PUIG Exiled to America
Argentina Quiroga, Horacio Decapitated chicken and other stories F QUIROGA Life/death
Argentina Sagastizabal, Patricia Secret for Julia, a F SAGASTIZABAL Argentina-politics
Argentina Sguiglia, Eduardo Fordlandia F SGUIGLIA Labor/Amazon
Argentina Thorton, Lawrence Imagining Argentina F THORNTON The disappeared, US author
Argentina Thorton, Lawrence Naming the spirits F THORNTON The disappeared, US author
Argentina Traba, Marta Mothers and shadows F TRABA Disappeared, women
Argentina Valenzuela, Luisa Censors 863 VAL
Argentina Valenzuela, Luisa Lizard's tail F VALENZUELA
Argentina Valenzuela, Luisa Strange things happen here F VALENZUELA
Armenia Edgarian, Carol Rise the Euphrates F EDGARIAN Armenian genocide
Armenia Nahapet, K Come sit beside me and listen to Koutchag 891.9921 NAH
Asia Asian-Pacific folktales and legends 398.2095 ASI
Asia Great tales in Asian art VID 895 GRE
Asia Moment of wonder : a collection of Chinese and Japanese poetry 895 MOM
Asia Rice bowl women : writings by and about women of China and Japan 895 RIC Women
Asia Treasury of modern Asian stories, a 895 TRE
Asia Allworth, Edward Central Asia : a century of Russian rule 958 ALL
Asia Ingpen, Robert Folk tales & fables of Asia 398.232 ING
Australia Australian literature SC AUSTRALIAN
Australia Dream time : new stories by sixteen award-winning authors SC DREAM Aborigines
Australia Faber book of contemporary Australian short stories SC FABER
Australia Adams, Glenda Longleg F ADAMS
Australia Bail, Murray Eucalyptus F BAIL Nature, father and daughters
Australia Crew, Gary Strange objects F CREW Treasure and mystery
Australia Dark, Eleanor Timeless land F DARK Aborigines
Australia Eldridge, Marilyn Woman at the window SC ELDRIDGE
Australia Flanagan, Richard Death of a river guide F FLANAGAN Nature/dreams, river guide
Australia Herbert, Xavier Capricornia F HERBERT Aborigines
Australia Keneally, Thomas Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith F KENEALLY Aborigines
Australia Malouf, David Conversations at Curlow Creek F MALOUF Aborigines
Australia Malouf, David Remembering Babylon F MALOUF Aborigines
Australia Marshall, James Walkabout F MARSHALL Plane crash
Australia Massola, Aldo Aborigines of south-eastern Australia as they were 301.2994 MAS Aborigines
Australia Morgan, Sally My place 994.105 MOR Aborigines
Australia Mudrooroo Kwinkan F MUDROOROO Aborigines
Australia Mudrooroo Wild cat falling F MUDROOROO Aborigines
Australia Mudrooroo Wildcat screaming : a novel F MUDROOROO Aborigines
Australia Oodgeroo Noonuccal Dreamtime : Aboriginal stories 398.2049915 OOD Aborigines
Australia Oodgeroo Noonuccal Stradbroke dreamtime 398.2049915 OOD Aborigines
Australia Pritchard, Katharine Coonardoo F PRITCHARD Aboriginal woman, love
Australia Rice, Ben Pobby and Dingan F RICE Childhood/imagination
Australia Sharp, Damian When a monkey speaks : and other stories from Australia SC SHARP
Australia Trezise, Percy Dream road 301.2994 TRE Aborigines
Australia Ward, Glenyse Wandering girl B WARD Aborigine, slave
Australia Wongar, B. Babaru : stories SC WONGAR Aborigines
Australia Wongar, B. Karan : a novel of Australia F WONGAR Aborigines
Australia Wongar, B. Track to Bralgu : stories SC WONGAR Aborigines
Aztec Fifteen poets of the Aztec world 897.45 FIF Mexico
Aztec Alarcon, Francis Snake poems : an Aztec inovation 811.54 ALA Mexico
Bangladesh Ali, Monica Brick lane F ALI Arranged marriage
Bangladesh Anam, Tahmima Golden age, a F ANAM Widows & war
Belize Edgell, Zee Beka Lamb F EDGELL Life in Belize
Bosnia Drakulic, Slavenka S.: a novel about the Balkans F DRAKULIC Rape/war
Bosnia Mehmedinovic, Semezdin Sarajevo blues 891.8236 MEH War
Bosnia Selimovic, Mes Death and the dervish F SELIMOVIC Turkish occupation
Bosnia Susko, Mario Life after, the 891.82 SUS Bosnian poetry
Bosnia (Yugoslavia) Susko, Mario Mothers, shoes and other mortal songs 891.82 SUS
Brazil One hundred years after tomorrow 869.3 ONE
Brazil Amado, Jorge Captains of the sands F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Dona Flor and her two husbands F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Gabriela, clove and cinnamon F AMADO Change
Brazil Amado, Jorge Jubiaba F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Pen, sword, camisole : a fable to kindle a hope F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Sea of death F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Shepherds of the night F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Showdown F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Tereza Batista: F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Tieta, the goat girl F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge Two deaths of Quincas Wateryell F AMADO
Brazil Amado, Jorge War of the saints F AMADO Saint transformed to life
Brazil Andrade, Mario Macunaima F ANDRADE
Brazil Lispector, Clarice Hour of the star F LISPECTOR Poverty/identity
Brazil Machado de Assis, Joaquim Maria Dom Casmurro F MACHADO DE ASSIS Men/women
Brazil Ramos, Graciliano Barren lives F RAMOS Poverty
Brazil Rosa, Joao Third bank of the river, and other stories SC ROSA
Brazil Souza, Marcio Emperor of the Amazon F SOUZA
Brazil Steen, Edla Early mourning F STEEN
Brazil Vasconcelos, J. My sweet-orange tree F VASCONCELOS
Brazil Veiga, Jose Three trials of Manirema, the F VEIGA
Cameroon Beti, Mongo Poor Christ of Bomba F BETI Women, rape, marriage
Caribbean Caribbean new wave : contemporary short stories SC CARIBBEAN
Caribbean Caribbean women writers 810.9928 CAR
Caribbean Green cane and juicy flotsam : short stories by Caibbean women SC GREEN
Caribbean Her true-true name SC HER
Caribbean If I could write this in fire 809.8972 IF
Caribbean Jamaica woman : an anthology of poems 811.54 JAM
Caribbean Remaking a lost harmony : stories from the Hispanic Caribbean 863 REM
Caribbean Twentieth-century Caribbean and Black African writers REF 809 DIC
Caribbean World of ideas with Bill Moyers : Derek Wolcott VID 811 WOR
Caribbean Cartley, Wilfred Whispers from the Caribbean 813.0099 CAR
Caribbean Chamoiseau, Patrick Texaco F CHAMOISEAU Life after slavery in Martinique
Caribbean Drayton, Geoffrey Christopher F DRAYTON
Caribbean Ferre, Rosario Youngest doll SC FERRE
Caribbean Foster, Cecil No man in the house F FOSTER Life in Barbados after independence
Caribbean Goodison, Lorna Selected poems 811 GOO
Caribbean Kincaid, Jamaica At the bottom of the river SC KINCAID
Caribbean Lamming, George In the castle of my skin F LAMMING Colonization
Caribbean Lovelace, Earl Salt F LOVELACE Racism in Trinidad
Caribbean Mais, Roger Brother Man F MAIS
Caribbean Naipaul, V. S. Among the believers : an Islamic journey 950.42 NAI
Caribbean Naipaul, V. S. Area of darkness, an 915.4 NAI
Caribbean Naipaul, V. S. Way in the world : a novel F NAIPAUL Self-understanding
Caribbean Philip, Marlena Harriet's daughter F PHILIP Multi-racial society
Caribbean Rhys, Jean Wide Sargasso Sea F RHYS Prequel to Jane Eyre
Caribbean Roy, Namba No black sparrows F ROY Jamaica
Caribbean Schwarz-Bart, Simone Between two worlds F SCHWARZ-BART African originS
Caribbean Scott, Lawrence Witchbroom F SCOTT
Caribbean Thelwell, Michael Harder they come : a novel F THELWELL Jamaica, reggae star
Caribbean Walcott, Derek Bounty 811 WAL
Caribbean Walcott, Derek Collected poems, 1948-1984 811 WAL
Caribbean Walcott, Derek Fortunate traveller 811 WAL
Caribbean Walcott, Derek Omeros 811 WAL
Caribbean Walcott, Derek Three plays : the last carnival ; beef, no chicken 811.54 WAL
Caribbean area Conde, Maryse Windward Heights F CONDE Wuthering Heights reset
Caribbean-Trinidad Hodge, Merle Crick crack monkey F HODGE Social advancement
Caribbean-Trinidad Hodge, Merle For the life of Laetitia F HODGE Social advancement
Chile House of the spirits VID 791.4372 HOU
Chile Isabel Allende : the woman's voice in Latin-America VID 860.092 ISA
Chile Yo soy Pablo Neruda VID 860.092
Chile Agosin, Marjorie Happiness : stories SC AGOSIN
Chile Allende, Isabel Daughter of fortune F ALLENDE America - gold rush
Chile Allende, Isabel Eva Luna F ALLENDE Rise of women
Chile Allende, Isabel House of the spirits F ALLENDE Women's roles
Chile Allende, Isabel Inés of my soul F ALLENDE Woman heroine
Chile Allende, Isabel Of love and shadows F ALLENDE Crimes of military regime
Chile Allende, Isabel Stories of Eva Luna SC ALLENDE
Chile Bolaño, Roberto Savage detectives, the F BOLAÑO Literary movement
Chile Bolaño, Roberto Skating rink, the F BOLAÑO Mystery
Chile Donoso, Jose Curfew : a novel F DONOSO 24 hrs.; dictatorship
Chile Donoso, Jose Garden next door F DONOSO life of an aristocrat
Chile Donoso, Jose House in the country : a novel F DONOSO Power game with children
Chile Donoso, Jose Obscene bird of night F DONOSO Deformity magic realism
Chile Ewald, Wendy Magic eyes : scenes from an Andean childhood B VASQUEZ
Chile Neruda, Pablo Sea and the bells 861.44 NER
Chile Neruda, Pablo Still another day 861 NER
Chile Prado, Pedro Country judge : a novel of Chile F PRADO
Chile Sepulveda, Lui Old man who read love stories F SEPULVEDA Disruption of nature
Chile Skarmeta, Antone Watch where the wolf is going : stories SC SKARMETA
Chile Teillier, Jorge From the country of Nevermore 861 TEI
China Anthology of Chinese literature, an 895.108 ANT
China Anthology of modern Chinese poetry 895.11508 ANT
China Bamboo shoots after the rain SC BAMBOO Women writers from Taiwan
China Born of the same roots: stories of modern Chinese women SC BORN Women
China Celebrated cases of Judge Dee F CELEBRATED Detective and mystery stories
China Columbia book of Chinese poetry 895.11 COL
China Contemporary Chinese women SC CONTEMPORARY Women
China Core of Chinese classic fiction 895.13 COR
China Modern Chinese stories and novellas, 1919-1949 895.13 MOD
China Out of the howling storm 895.1152 OUT
China Return from silence : China's revolutionary writer VID 895.15 RET
China Running wild : new Chinese writers SC RUNNING
China Seven contemporary Chinese women writers SC SEVEN
China Splintered mirror: Chinese poetry from the democracy movement 895.1152 SPL
China Three Chinese poets 895.113 THR
China Women of the red plain : an anthology of contemporary Chinese women's poetry 895.1152 WOM Women
China Worlds of modern Chinese fiction SC WORLDS
China Bei, Dao Old snow : poems 895.1152 BEI
China Can, Xue Dialogues in paradise SC CAN
China Chai, May-Lee My lucky face: a novel F CHAI Women vs traditional roles
China Chang, Chieh Heavy wings F ZHANG Communism/corruption
China Chen, Da Brothers F CHEN Family/love
China Chen, Jo-his Execution of Mayor Yin SC CHEN
China Chen, Ying Ingratitude F CHEN Mother-daughter/suicide
China Chen, Yuan-Tsung Dragon's village, the F CHEN Communist revolution
China Cheng, Francois River below F CHENG Cultural revolution/art
China Cheng, Terrence Sons of heaven F CHENG Tiananmen Square
China Dai, Fan Butterfly lovers : a tale of the Chinese Romeo and Juliet F DAI Girls lives as a man
China Dai, Sijie Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress CAS DAI Cultural revolution
China Dai, Sijie Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress F DAI Cultural revolution
China Dai, Sijie Once on a moonless night F DAI Woman translator
China Feng, Chi-ts'a Three-inch golden lotus F FENG Women and foot binding
China Gang, Wang English : a novel F GANG Cultural revolution
China Gao, Xingjian Buying a fishing rod for my grandfather SC GAO
China Gao, Xingjian Soul Mountain F GAO Cultural revolution/im
China Hwang, Sun-won Shadows of a sound: stories SC HWANG
China Jia, Pingwa Turbulence : a novel F JIA Corruption/love
China Jiang, Ji-Li Red scarf girl 951.056 JIA Cultural revolution +
China Jin, Ba Ward four : a novel of wartime China F JIN World War II homefront
China Jin, Ha Bridegroom stories SC JIN
China Jin, Ha Crazed, the F JIN Tiananmen/integrity
China Jin, Ha Under the red flag stories SC JIN Cultural revolution
China Jin, Ha Waiting F JIN Men/women
China Jin, Ha War trash F JIN Korean war and POW
China Jin, Ha Wreckage 811.54 JIN Poetry
China Li, Moying Snow falling in spring : coming of age in China during the cultural revolution B LI Cultural revolution +
China Liu, So-la Chaos and all that F LIU
China Lord, Bette Middle heart F LORD 20th century/friendships
China Lord, Bette Spring moon F LORD Politics/women
China Ma, Jian Beijing Coma F MA Dreams, coma
China Mah, Adeline Yen Chinese Cinderella, the true story of an unwanted daughter B MAH Girls/memoir
China Mah, Adeline Yen Falling leaves B MAH China-children
China Mao, Tun Spring silkworms and other stories SC MAO Poverty/Japanese invasion
China Min, Anchee Becoming Madame Mao F MIN Women
China Min, Anchee Empress orchid F MIN
China Min, Anchee Katherine F MIN Woman teaching English
China Min, Anchee Red azalea F MIN Mao and political prisoner
China Mo, Yan Garlic ballads F MO
China Mo, Yan Red sorghum : a novel of China F MO Japanese occupation/women
China Mo, Yan Shifu, you'll do anyting for a laugh SC YAN Repression
China Namioka, Lensey Ties that bind, ties that break F NAMIOKA Women +
China Rong, Shen At middle age SC RONG
China Sun-Childers, White-haired girl B SUN-CHILDERS
China Ting, Hsiao- Maidenhome SC TING
China Wang, An-I Baotown F WANG Village society
China Wang, Annie Lili: a novel of Tiananmen F WANG China-Tiananmen Square
China Wang, Lulu Lily Theater, a novel of modern China F WANG Cultural revolution
China Wang, Ruowang Hunger trilogy 895.1352 WAN
China Xinran Sky burial F XINRAN Death/women
China Yang, Belle Baba : a return to China upon my father's shoulder F YANG
China Yu, Hua To live 895.1352 YU Civil war/cultural revolution
China Zhang, Jie Heavy wings F ZHANG Democracy movement
China Zhang, Xianliang Getting used to dying F ZHANG
China Zhu, Tianxin Old capital, the : a novel of Taipei F ZHU
China (Japan) Bamboo shoots after the rain SC BAMBOO
Colombia Marquez : tales beyond solitude VID 863.09 MAR Gabriel Garcia marquez
Colombia Cañón, James Tales from the town of widows & chronicles from the land of men F CANON Widows/law and order
Colombia Franco, Jorge Rosario Tijeras F FRANCO Woman in drug cartel
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Autumn of the patriarch F GARCIA MARQUEZ Dictatorship/solitude
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Chronicle of a death foretold F GARCIA MARQUEZ Grasping for truth
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Clandestine in Chile 983.064 GAR
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Collected novellas F GARCIA MARQUEZ
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Collected stories SC GARCIA MARQUEZ
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel General in his labyrinth F GARCIA MARQUEZ Life of Simon Bolivar
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel In evil hour F GARCIA MARQUEZ Evil spirits
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Living to tell the tale B GARCIA MARQUEZ Childhood and youth
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Love in the time of cholera F GARCIA MARQUEZ Love story in 19th century
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel No one writes to the colonel SC GARCIA MARQUEZ Violence, poverty
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Of love and other dreams F GARCIA MARQUEZ Love affair and exocism
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel One hundred years of solitude F GARCIA MARQUEZ Magic realism
Colombia Garcia Marquez, Gabriel Strange pilgrims : twelve stories SC GARCIA MARQUEZ Latin Americans in Europe
Colombia Garcia Ramis, M. Happy days, Uncle Sergio F GARCIA RAMIS
Colombia Jenkins, Lyll Honorable prison F JENKINS Political prisoners +
Colombia Manrique, Jaime Tarzan, my body, Christopher Coloumbus 861 MAN Colombia-poetry
Colombia Restrepo, Laura Delirium : a novel F RESTREPO War/corruption
Colombia Restrepo, Laura Tale of the dispossessed, a F RESTREPO Refugees, Bilingual edition.
Colombia Vallejo, Fernando Our lady of the asssasins F VALLEJO Violence
Colombia-South America Mutis, Alvaro Adventures of Maqroll : four novellas F MUTIS Violence, death
Congo Dongala, Emmanuel Johnny Mad Dog F DONGALA Civil war/coming of age
Costa Rica Costa Rica : a traveler's literary companion SC COSTA
Cuba Cubana : contemporary fiction by Cuban women SC CUBANA Women
Cuba Voice of the turtle : an anthology of Cuban stories SC VOICE
Cuba Arenas, Reinal Ill-fated peregrination of Fray Servando F ARENAS Oppression
Cuba Bernardo, Jose Secret of the bulls F BERNARDO Family males
Cuba Cabrera, Infante Three trapped tigers F CABRERA Pre-Castro
Cuba Cabrera, Infante G. Guilty of dancing the chachacha SC CABRERA Love stories
Cuba Campos, Juliet Celina or the cats SC CAMPOS
Cuba Casey, Calvert Calvert Casey : the collected stories SC CASEY
Cuba Correa, Arnaldo Cold Havana ground F CORREA Santera/mystery
Cuba Eire, Carlos Waiting for snow in Havana F EIRE Memoir
Cuba Engle, Margarita The surrender tree : poems of Cuba's struggle for freedom 811.54 ENG Cuba History
Cuba Estévez, Abilio Distant palaces F ESTEVEZ Homeless
Cuba Fraxedas, J. Joaquin Lonely crossing of Juan Cabrera, the F FRAXEDAS Escape at sea
Cuba Gamez, Tana Yoke and the star F GAMEZ
Cuba Garcia, Cristina Dreaming in Cuban F GARCIA Castro, exiles
Cuba Garcia, Cristina Monkey hunting F GARCIA Chinese/slavery
Cuba Ponte, Antonio Jose In the Cold of the Malecon and other stories SC PONTE Decline/magic realism
Cuba Veciana-Suarez, Ana Flight to freedom F VECIANA-SUAREZ Refuge/culture clash
Czechoslovakia Daylight in nightclub inferno SC DAYLIGHT
Czechoslovakia Good-bye, Samizdat 891.8609 GOO
Czechoslovakia Hrabal, Bohumi Closely watched trains F HRABAL Underground literature
Czechoslovakia Hrabal, Bohumi Too loud a solitude F HRABAL Nazi occupation/coming of age
Czechoslovakia Klima, Ivan Waiting for the dark, waiting for the light F KLIMA
Czechoslovakia Kundera, Milan Book of laughter and forgetting F KUNDERA
Czechoslovakia Kundera, Milan Farewell party F KUNDERA
Czechoslovakia Kundera, Milan Laughable loves SC KUNDERA
Czechoslovakia Kundera, Milan Unbearable lightness of being CAS 891.86 KUN Exiles, Russian invasion
Czechoslovakia Kundera, Milan Unbearable lightness of being F KUNDERA Exiles, Russian invasion
Czechoslovakia Lustig, Arnost Diamonds of the night SC LUSTIG Jewish holocaust
Czechoslovakia Monikova, Libu Façade : M.N.O.P.Q. F MONIKOVA
Dominica (Caribbean) Kincaid, Jamaica Autobiography of my mother F KINCAID
Dominican Republic Alvarez, Julia Before we were free F ALVAREZ Political repression
Dominican Republic Alvarez, Julia In the name of Salome F ALVAREZ Life of woman poet
Dominican Republic Alvarez, Julia In the time of the butterflies F ALVAREZ Women, politics
Dominican Republic Vargas Llosa, Maria, Feast of the goat, the F VARGAS LLOSA Trujillo/revolution
East Africa Cook, David Origin East Africa : a Makerene anthology 896 COO
Eastern Europe Contemporary East European poetry 891.8 CON
Eastern Europe Description of a struggle 891.808 DES
Eastern Europe Other worlds, other seas SC OTHER
Eastern Europe Stories from the new Europe SC STORIES
Ecuador Yánez Cossío, Alicia Bruna and her sisters in the sleeping city F YANEZ COSSIO Tradition/change
Egypt Egyptian short stories 892.7301 EGY
Egypt Stories by Egyptian women : my grandmother's cactus SC STORIES
Egypt Ahmed, Leila Border passage B AHMED Women, Islam
Egypt Atiya, Nayra Khul-Khaal : five Egyptian women tell their stories 305.40962 ATI Women
Egypt Chedid, Andree Multiple child F CHEDID Children and war
Eqypt Ghitani, Gamal al- Zayni Barakat F GHITANI
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Adrift on the Nile F MAHFOUZ Social life and customs
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Arabian nights and days F MAHFOUZ Medieval Islamic city
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Children of the alley F MAHFOUZ Family life
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib God's world : an anthology 892.736 MAH
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Harafish F MAHFOUZ Family
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Midaq alley F MAHFOUZ Tradition/modernity
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Mirrors : a novel F MAHFOUZ
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Palace walk F MAHFOUZ Tradition/modernity
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Sugar Street F MAHFOUZ
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Time and the place and other stories SC MAHFOUZ
Egypt Mahfouz, Naguib Wedding song 892.73 MAH Life in the theater
Egypt Out, el Kouloub Ramza F OUT
Egypt Out, el Kouloub Zanouba F OUT Muslim women life
Egypt Saadawi, Nawal El Fall of the Imam, the F SAADAWI
Egypt Saadawi, Nawal El Woman at Point Zero F SAADAWI Women/child abuse
El Salvador Alegria, Carib Woman of the river 861.9922 ALE Political realities
El Salvador Alegria, Claribel Saudade sorrow sorrow poems 861 ALE Poetry
El Salvador Argueta, Manlio One day of life F ARGUETA Repression/civil war
El Salvador Argueta, Manlio Place called Milagro De La Paz F ARGUETA Magic realism/women
El Salvador Benitez, Sandra Weight of all things F BENITEZ Assassination
El Salvador Limon, Graciel In search of Bernabe F LIMON Assassination/guerrilas
Ethiopia Levitin, Sonia Return BN LEVITIN Jews fleeing to Israel +
Ethiopia Mezlekia, Nega Notes from the Hyena's belly : an Ethiopian boyhood B MEZLEKIA Youth/corruption
Ghana Aidoo, Ama Changes : a love story F AIDOO Traditional/modern marriatge
Ghana Aidoo, Ama No sweetness here, and other stories SC AIDOO Changing traditions
Ghana Ali, Mohammed Naseehu Prophet of Zongo Street, the SC ALI Social life
Guadeloupe - Caribbean Collins, Merle Angel F COLLINS
Guadeloupe - Caribbean Conde, Maryse Crossing the Mangrove F CONDE Social life
Guadeloupe - Caribbean Conde, Maryse I, Tituba, black witch of Salem F CONDE witchcraft
Guadeloupe - Caribbean Conde, Maryse Tree of life F CONDE
Guatemala Asturias, Miguel Mirror of Lida Sal : tales based on Mayan myths 398.2097 AST Mayan legends
Guatemala Goldman, Francisco Long night of the white chickens F GOLDMAN Repressive regime, poverty
Guatemala Goldman, Francisco Ordinary seaman F GOLDMAN Immigrants
Guatemala Menchu, Rigoberta I, Rigoberta Menchu B MENCHU Revolutionaries
Guatemala Rey Rosa, Rodrig Dust on her tongue SC REY ROSA
Guyana Heath, Roy One generation F HEATH
Haiti Carpentier, Alejo Kingdom of this world F CARPENTIER
Haiti Danticat, Edwidge Breath, eyes, memory F DANTICAT Women
Haiti Danticat, Edwidge Farming of bones F DANTICAT Genocide
Haiti Danticat, Edwidge Krik? Krak! SC DANTICAT Social life
Haiti Roumain, Jacques Masters of the dew F ROUMAIN Political revolt/symbolism
Hungary Bánk, Zsuzsa Swimmer, the F BANK Imagination/mental illness
Hungary Kis, Danilo Hourglass F KIS Jews/concentration camp
Hungary Márai, Sándor Rebels, the F MARAI Young men/crimes
Hungary Siegal, Aranka Upon the head of the goat B SIEGAL Holocaust
Hungary Zsolt, Béla Nine suitcases B ZSOLT Holocaust
India Anthology of Indian literature, an 891.2 ANT
India Contemporary Indian short stories SC CONTEMPORARY
India Delusions and discoveries 823.009 PAR
India Folktales from India 398.2095 FOL
India Of women, outcastes, peasants SC OF
India Penguin book of modern Indian short stories SC PENGUIN
India Ramayana CAS 294.5922 RAM
India Slate of life SC SLATE Women, social life
India Truth tales : contemporary stories by women writers of India SC TRUTH Women
India Women writing in India 891.1 WOM Women
India Adiga, Aravind White tiger, the : a novel F ADIGA Rise to success
India Aikath-Gyaltsen Cranes' morning F AIKATH-GYALTSEN Country life
India Aikath-Gyaltsen Daughters of the house F AIKATH-GYALTSEN Women, country life
India Anand, Mulk Raj Untouchable F ANAND India-castes
India Bajwa, Rupa Sari shop, the F BAJWA Social classes
India Balasubramanyam, Raj In beautiful disguises F BALASUBRAMANYAM Women/arranged marriage
India Buck, William Ramayana : [King Rama's way] 294.5922 BUC Legend
India Chadha, Ramesh Cross-cultural interaction 823 CHA Women writers
India Chandra, Vikra Love and longing in Bombay : stories SC CHANDRA Social life
India Chandra, Vikra Red earth and pouring rain : a novel F CHANDRA Storytelling
India Chaudhuri, Amit Immortals, the F CHAUDHURI Music and culture
India Davidar, David House of blue mangoes F DAVIDAR Family saga
India Desai, Anita Clear light of day F DESAI Self discovery
India Desai, Anita Fasting, feasting F DESAI Family conflict
India Desai, Anita Fire on the mountain F DESAI Women/upper class
India Desai, Anita Games at twilight : and other stories SC DESAI
India Desai, Kiran Hullabaloo in the guava orchard F DESAI Humor/satire
India Desai, Kiran Inheritance of loss, the CDA DESAI Relations
India Desai, Kiran Inheritance of loss, the F DESAI Relations
India Divakaruni, Chitra Arranged marriage : stories SC DIVAKARUNI Women; arranged marriages
India Divakaruni, Chitra Mistress of spices F DIVAKARUNI Fantasy; life choices
India Divakaruni, Chitra Sister of my heart F DIVAKARUNI Women; arranged marriages
India Divakaruni, Chitra Unknown errors of our lives SC DIVAKARUNI Social life and customs
India Divakaruni, Chitra Vine of desire F DIVAKARUNI Women; immigrants
India Farooki, Roopa Bitter sweets F FAROOKI Family
India Ganesan, Indira Inheritance F GANESAN Love/family
India Ghosh, Amitav Circle of reason F GHOSH Terrorism prevented
India Ghosh, Amitav Hungry tide, the F GHOSH Nature
India Jaramillo, Levi Shadow : thirteen stories SC JARAMILLO
India Jha, Raj Kamal Blue bedspread, the F JHA Family violence
India Jhabvala, Ruth Out of India : selected stories SC JHABVALA Social life and customs
India Mahapatra, Anui Another spring, darkness 891.4417 MAH
India Mahapatra, Jay Selected poems 891.21 MAH
India Manava, Bharga Where the oceans meet F MANDAVA Women; social life
India Markandaya, Kamala Handful of rice F MARKANDAYA
India Martel, Yann Life of Pi : a novel CDA MARTEL
India Martel, Yann Life of Pi : a novel F MARTEL
India Mehta, Gita River Sutra F MEHTA Folklore
India Mishra, Pankaj Romantics a novel F MISHRA
India Mistry, Rohinton Fine balance, a F MISTRY India-castes, a history
India Mukherjee, Bharati Holder of the world F MUKHERJEE Interracial love
India Mukherjee, Bharati Wife F MUKHERJEE
India Narayan, Kirin Mondays on the dark night of the moon 398.2095 NAR Folklore; social life
India Narayan, R. K. Guide : a novel F NARAYAN Religion/deception
India Narayan, R. K. Horse and two goats : stories SC NARAYAN
India Narayan, R. K. Mahabharata F NARAYAN Feuding families
India Narayan, R. K. Swami and friends; The bachelor of arts; The dark room; The English teacher F NARAYAN Social life; customs
India Narayan, R. K. World of Nagaraj F NARAYAN
India Nasprin, Taslima Shame F NASRIN Religious persecution
India Rajagopalachar Ramayana 294.5922
India Ramanujan, A. Speaking of Siva 894.814 RAM
India Rangel-Ribeiro, V. Tivolem F RANGEL-RIBEIRO Domestic life
India Roy, Arundhati God of small things F ROY Social classes
India Rushdie, Salman Midnight's children F RUSHDIE India-independence
India Rushdie, Salomon Moor's last sigh F RUSHDIE Mother-son relationship
India Ryder, Arthur Panchatantra 891.2 RYD
India Sahgal, Nayantara Rich like us F SAHGAL
India Seth, Vikram Suitable boy, a F SETH Arranged marriage
India Sheth, Kasmira Keeping corner F SHETH Women's rights
India Sheth, Kasmira Koyal dark, mango sweet F SHETH Family/tradition/marriage
India Sinha, Indra Animal's people F SINHA Chemical aftermath of Bhopal accident
India Sinha, R. P. N Book of English verse on Indian soil 891.4 SIN
India Suri, Manil Death of Vishnu, the F SURI Myths/social division
India Swarup, Vikas Q & A : a novel F SWARUP Quiz show
India Swarup, Vikas Six suspects F SWARUP Crimes against rich people
India Tagore, Rabindranath Chaturanga F TAGORE
India Tagore, Rabindranath Gitanjali CAS 891.44 TAG
India Tagore, Rabindranath Gitanjali (song offerings) 891.44 TAG
India Tagore, Rabindranath Golden boat SC TAGORE
India Tagore, Rabindranath Home and the world F TAGORE
India Tagore, Rabindranath Hungry stones and other stories SC TAGORE
India Tagore, Rabindranath Lover of God, the 891.4414 TAG Poetry
India Tharoor, Shashi Great Indian novel F THAROOR
India Umrigar, Thrity N. Space between us, the F UMRIGAR Social classes
India Valmiki Ramayana 294.5922 VAL Indian legend
India Valmiki Ramayana CAS 294.5922 RAM Indian legend
India Venkatraman, Padma Climbing the stairs F VENKATRAMAN Family life
India Vijayaraghavan, Vine Motherland F VIJAYARAGHAVAN Indic American
India-Pakistan Singh, Khushwant Train to Pakistan F SINGH India-Pakistan conflict, 1947-1949
India-Persia Hasan, Shah Dancing girl F HASAN
India-South Africa Coovadia, Imraan Wedding, the F COOVADIA Marriage relationship
Indonesia Clercq Zubli, Rita la Fontaine de Disguised B CLERCQ ZUBLI World War II occupation
Indonesia Darling, Diana Painted alphabet F DARLING Modern times and fable
Indonesia Toer, Pramoedya Footsteps T TOER Colonial exploitation
Indonesia Toer, Pramoedya This earth of mankind F TOER History; colonialism
International 105 greatest living authors present the world's best 810.80054 ONE
International Book of luminous things 808.81 BOO International poetry
International Giant talk : an anthology of Third World writings 808.88 GIA
International Global cultures : a transnational short fiction reader SC GLOBAL
International International feminist fiction SC INTERNATIONAL Women/feminists
International Into the widening world SC INTO International coming of age
International Literature from the "Axis of Evil" SC LITERATURE International stories
International Other voices, other vistas SC OTHER International short stories
International Stories from the rest of the world SC STORIES
International Strange things sometimes still happen 398.21 SEC Fairy tales; women
International Sudden fiction international : sixty short stories SC SUDDEN
International This same sky : a collection of poems from around the world 808.8193 THI
International Vintage book of contemporary world poetry 808.8104 VIN Natural world
International Wise women : folk and fairy tales from around the world 398.26 WIS Folk tales/women
International Women in change VID 304.4 WOM
International Women in the third world VID 305.4 WOM
International Women in the world : annotated history resources for the secondary student REF 016.3054 REE Women
International World literature : an anthology of great short 808.88 WOR
International World literature : instructor's manual 808.88 WOR
International Words without borders : the world through the eyes of writers 808.83 WOR
International Ferguson, Gary Spirits of the wild 398.24 FER Nature; folklore
International Robinson, Herbert Myths and legends of all nations 398.2 ROB
International Shah, Amina Tales from around the world CAS 398.2 SHA
Iran Stories by Iranian women SC STORIES Women, after revolution
Iran Stories from Iran : a Chicago anthology, 1921-1991 SC STORIES
Iran Walnut sapling on Masi's grave and other stories by Iranian authors SC WALNUT Women
Iran Abdolah, Kader My father's notebook : a novel F ABDOLAH Political dissident
Iran Barkhordar Nahai, Gina Cry of the peacock F BARKHORDAR NAHAI History of Jews in Iran
Iran Daneshvar, Simin Savushun F DANESHVAR
Iran Daneshvar, Simin Sutra & other stories SC DANESHVAR Social life and customs
Iran Farman-Farmaiaj Daughter of Persia B FARMAN-FARMAIAN Women
Iran Mandanipour, Shahriar Censoring an Iranian love story F MANDANIPOUR Love story
Iran Moshiri, Farnoosh Bathouse F MOSHIRI Women/Islam/oppression
Iran Nafisi, Azar Things I've been silent about : memories B NAFISI
Iran Noori, Naveed Dakhmeh F NOORI Change; social condition
Iran Parsipur, Shahrnus Women without men : a novella F PARSIPUR Women
Iran Rachlin, Nahid Veils : short stories SC RACHLIN Iranian Americans
Iran Satrapi, Marjane Persepolis B SATRAPI Woman's life story
Iraq Al-Windawi, Thura Thura's diary 956.7044 ALW War/memoir +
Iraq Khadra, Yasmina Sirens of Baghdad, the F KHADRA Iraqi student joins radical group
Iraq Khedairi, Betool Sky so close F KHEDAIRI Iran/Iraq war-coming of age
Iraq Radi, Nuha Baghdad diaries : a woman's chronicle of war and exile B RADI
Islands of the Pacific Nuanua : Pacific writing in English since 1980. 820.8099 NUA
Israel Apples from the desert : selected stories SC SAVYON Women
Israel Appelfeld, Aron Badenheim 1939 F APPELFELD Holocaust
Israel Appelfeld, Aron Healer F APPELFELD Religion, alienation
Israel Appelfeld, Aron To the land of the cattails F APPELFELD Holocaust
Israel Carmi, Daniella Samir and Yonatan F CARMI Palestinians/children
Israel Edvardson, Cordell Burned child seeks the fire F EDVARDSON Holocaust
Israel Grossman, David See under--love F GROSSMAN
Israel Gur, Batya Murder on a kibbutz F GUR
Israel Kass, Pnina Real time F KASS Terrorism +
Israel Katzir, Judith Closing the sea SC KATZIR
Israel Kerrett, Etgar Bus driver who wanted to be God and other stories SC KERRETT Middle East conflict
Israel Megged, Aharon Foiglman F MEGGED Interpersonal relations and culture
Israel Michael, Sami Trumpet in the Wadi, a F MICHAEL Relationships
Israel Oz, Amos My Michael F OZ 1950's war with Egypt
Israel Oz, Amos Perfect peace F OZ Kibbutz
Israel Oz, Amos Same sea, the F OZ Israel-love/religion
Israel Qashu, Sayed Dancing Arabs F QASHU Palestinian Arabs/Jews
Israel Qashu, Sayed Let it be morning F QASHU Arab-Israeli conflict
Israel Shahar, David Palace of shattered vessels F SHAHAR
Israel Singer, Isaac Certificate F SINGER
Israel Singer, Isaac Collected stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer SC SINGER
Israel Tel, Jonathan Arafat's Elephant SC TEL
Israel Yehoshua, Abraham Liberated bride, the F YEHOSHUA Arab/relations
Israel Yehoshua, Abraham Woman in Jerusalem, a F YEHOSHUA Suicide bomber victim
Israel (Arab author) Khadra, Yasmina Attack, the F KHADRA Arab-Israeli/terrorists
Jamaica Cliff, Michelle No telephone in heaven F CLIFF
Jamaica Levy, Andrea Fruit of the lemon F LEVY
Jamaica Mais, Roger Black lightning F MAIS
Jamaica Thomas, Elean Last room F THOMAS
Japan Anthology of contemporary Japanese poetry 895.615 ANT
Japan Best Japanese science fiction stories SC BEST +
Japan Essential haiku : versions of Bashro, Buson and Is 895.6132 ESS
Japan Hundred verses from old Japan 895.61 POR
Japan Inside and other short fiction : Japenese women by Japenses women SC INSIDE Women
Japan Japanese women writers : 20th century short fiction SC JAPANESE Women
Japan Late chrysanthemum : twenty-one stories from the Japanese SC LATE
Japan Modern Japanese short stories SC MODERN
Japan Mother of dreams and other short stories SC MOTHER
Japan Rashomon VID 791.4372 RAS
Japan Showa anthology : modern Japanese short stories, 1929-1984 SC SHOWA
Japan Straight to darkness : lairs of the hidden gods SC STRAIGHT Mythos tales
Japan Tales of tears and laughter: short fiction of medieval Japan 895.632 TAL
Japan This kind of woman : ten stories SC THIS
Japan Unmapped territories : new women's fiction from Japan SC UNMAPPED Women
Japan Abe, Kobo Ark Sakura F ABE
Japan Abe, Kobo Beyond the curve (and other stories) SC ABE Surrealism
Japan Abe, Kobo Face of another F ABE Alienation/identity
Japan Akihito, Emperor Tomoshibi = Light : collected poetry 895.615 AKI
Japan Akutagawa, Ryunosuke Japanese short stories SC AKUTAGAWA
Japan Akutagawa, Ryunosuke Rashomon and other stories SC AKUTAGAWA Point of view
Japan Ariyoshi, Sawa River Ki F ARIYOSHI
Japan Bouvier, Nicole Japanese chronicles 952.04 BOU
Japan Enchi, Fumiko Waiting years F ENCHI Women/relationships
Japan Endo, Shusaku Deep river F ENDO India-Buddhism
Japan Endo, Shusaku Five by Endo SC ENDO
Japan Endo, Shusaku Samurai : a novel F ENDO Christianity history
Japan Endo, Shusaku Silence F ENDO Christian persecution
Japan Hoshi, Shinichi Capricious robot SC HOSHI Science fiction
Japan Ibuse, Masuji Black rain F IBUSE Atomic bomb
Japan Kawabata, Yasunari First snow on Fuji SC KAWABATA
Japan Kawabata, Yasunari Lake F KAWABATA
Japan Kawabata, Yasunari Palm-of-the-hand stories SC KAWABATA
Japan Kawabata, Yasunari Snow country F KAWABATA Geisha
Japan Kawabata, Yasunari Thousand cranes F KAWABATA Tea ceremony/men/women
Japan Keene, Donald Some Japanese portraits 895.63 KEE
Japan Kita, Morio Ghosts F KITA
Japan Kizaki, Satoko Phoenix tree and other stories SC KIZAKI Loss
Japan Kobo, Abe Beyond the curve (and other stories) SC ABE Surrealism
Japan Maruya, Saiichi Rain in the wind : four stories SC MARUYA
Japan Minatoya, Lydia Y. Strangeness of beauty F MINATOYA Japanese American
Japan Mishima, Yukio Acts of worship : seven stories SC MISHIMA
Japan Mishima, Yukio Decay of the angel F MISHIMA Buddhism-culture
Japan Mishima, Yukio Sailor who fell from grace with the sea F MISHIMA Coming of age-violence
Japan Mishima, Yukio Sound waves, the F MISHIMA Culture clash/love
Japan Mishima, Yukio Spring snow F MISHIMA Coming of age
Japan Mishima, Yukio Temple of dawn F MISHIMA
Japan Mishima, Yukio Temple of the golden pavilion F MISHIMA Buddhism
Japan Miura, Kiyohir He's leaving home : my young son becomes a Zen mon B MIURA
Japan Miyazawa, Kenji Winds from afar SC MIYAZAWA
Japan Mori, Kyoko Shizuko's daughter F MORI Families/power of art
Japan Murakami, Haruki After dark F MURAKAMI College student/unusual encounters: sleep
Japan Murakami, Haruki After the quake SC MURAKAMI Earthquake
Japan Murakami, Haruki Elephant vanishes : stories SC MURAKAMI
Japan Murakami, Haruki Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world F MURAKAMI Sci Fi-information
Japan Murakami, Haruki Norwegian wood F MURAKAMI
Japan Murakami, Haruki Wind-up bird chronicle F MURAKAMI Conscience/history
Japan Murakami, Ry u. 69: sixty-nine F MURAKAMI Coming of age-60's
Japan Murasaki, Shikibu Tale of Genji, the F MURASAKI Japan-11th century
Japan Musashi, Miyami Book of five rings 181.21 MUS
Japan Nakayama, China Behind the waterfall F NAKAYAMA
Japan Oda, Makoto H: a Hiroshima novel F ODA Atom bomb
Japan Oe, Kenzaburo Healing family B OE
Japan Oe, Kenzaburo Nip the buds, shoot the kids F OE
Japan Oe, Kenzaburo Rouse up o young men of the new age! F OE Family/handicap
Japan Okuizumi, Hikaru Stones cry out F OKUIZUMI WW II
Japan Ooka, Shohei Fires on the plain F OOKA WW II
Japan Rimer, J. Reader's guide to Japanese literature 895.609 RIM
Japan Senoh, Kappa Boy called H : a childhood in wartime Japan B SENOH WW II
Japan Soseki, Natsume Botchan F SOSEKI Teaching
Japan Soseki, Natsume Grass on the wayside F SOSEKI I-story/family relations
Japan Soseki, Natsume I am a cat: a novel F SOSEKI Point of view
Japan Takahashi, Takako Lonely woman SC TAKAHASHI Women
Japan Takeyama, Michio Harp of Burma 895.6 TAK
Japan Tanizaki, Junichiro Gourmet club : a sextet SC TANIZAKI
Japan Tanizaki, Junichiro Makioka sisters F TANIZAKI Family life/Life of women/ pre WWII
Japan Tanizaki, Junichiro Secret history of the Lord of Musashi, and, Arrowroot F TANIZAKI
Japan Tsuboi, Sakae Twenty-four eyes F TSUBOI Teacher/war
Japan Tsuji, Kunio Signore : Shogun of the warring states F TSUJI 16th cent./culture clash
Japan Tsujii, Takashi Spring Like any other F TSUJII Businessman/disfunctional family
Japan Uno, Chiyo Story of a single woman F UNO
Japan Yamamoto, Hisa Seventeen syllables and other stories SC YAMAMOTO
Japan Yoshikawa, Eiji Best scenes from Musashi F YOSHIKAWA
Japan Yoshikawa, Eiji Taiko : an epic novel of war and glory in feudal Japan F YOSHIKAWA 16th century Japan
Japan Yoshimoto, Banana Amrita F YOSHIMOTO
Japan Yoshimoto, Banana Asleep F YOSHIMOTO Women/novellas: sleep
Japan Yoshimoto, Banana Kitchen F YOSHIMOTO
Japan Yoshimoto, Banana N. P.: a novel F YOSHIMOTO Story writers
Japan Yoshimura, Akira Shipwrecks F YOSHIMURA Fishing village/murder
Japan Yumoto, Kazumi Letters, the F YUMOTO Living/dead +
Japan (Hiroshima) White flash, black rain 940.5426 WHI Atom bomb
Jewish Agnon, Samuel Twenty-one stories SC AGNON
Jewish Aleichem, Sholom Tevye's daughter SC ALEICHEM
Kenya Anthology of Swahili poetry 896.3921 ANT
Kenya Akpan, Uwem Say you're one of them F AKPAN Family life
Kenya Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel B HIRSI ALI
Kenya Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel CDA B HIRSI ALI
Kenya Maathai, Wangari Unbowed B MAATHAI Politics and the environment
Kenya Mboya, Tom Freedom and after 967.62 MBO
Kenya Naidoo, Beverley Burn my heart F NAIDOO Friends affected by race +
Kenya Ngugi, wa Thiong River between F NGUGI Culture clash
Kenya Ngugi, wa Thiong Secret lives, and other stories SC NGUGI
Kenya Ngugi, wa Thiong Weep not, child F NGUGI Culture clash
Kenya Ngugi, wa Thiong'o Wizard of the crow F NGUGI Country/humor
Kenya Vassanji, M. G. In-between world of Vikram Lall, the F VASSANJI Colonial Africa
Kenya/Tanzania Saitoti, T. Worlds of a Maasai warrior B SAITOTI
Korea Choi, Sook Nyul Echoes of the white giraffe F CHOI Civil war, exile
Korea Choi, Sook Nyul Year of impossible goodbyes F CHOI Occupation, war
Korea Hahn, Moo-Sook Encounter: a novel of nineteenth-century Korea F HAHN
Korea Kang, Sok-Kyon Words of farewell : stories SC KANG
Korea Kim, Helen Long season of rain F KIM Women and orphans
Korea Ko, Un Three way tavern, the : selected poems 895.714 KO
Korea Yi, Munyol Our twisted hero F YI Children/corruption
Korea Yi, Munyol Poet F YI
Korea Yun, Mia House of the winds F YUN
Latin America Anthology of contemporary Latin-American poetry 861.08 ANT
Latin America Beyond the border : a new age in Latin American women's fiction 863 BEY Women
Latin America Columbus's egg : new Latin American stories on the legacy of conquest SC COLUMBUSS
Latin America Contemporary Latin American fiction 863 CON
Latin America Eye of the heart : short stories from Latin Americ 863.08 EYE
Latin America Hammock beneath the mangoes SC HAMMOCK
Latin America Interviews with Latin American 869 INT
Latin America Landmarks in modern Latin American fiction 863 LAN
Latin America Latin blood : the best crime and detective stories SC LATIN
Latin America Masterworks of Latin American short fiction 863 MAS
Latin America Modern Latin American fiction 863 MOD
Latin America Out of the mirrored garden SC OUT Women authors
Latin America Oxford book of Latin American short stories SC OXFORD
Latin America Short stories by Latin America SC SHORT
Latin America These are not sweet girls 861 THE Women poets
Latin America Vintage book of Latin American stories, the SC VINTAGE
Latin America Voices of Latin America VID 860 VOI
Latin America Where angels glide at dawn : new stories from Latin America SC WHERE +
Latin America Women's fiction from Latin America 863 WOM
Latin America Women's writing in Latin America 860.8092 WOM
Latin America You can't drown the fire 868 YOU Women writing in exile
Latin America Alarcón, Daniel Lost city radio : a novel F ALARCON Disappeared
Latin America Castro-Klaren Understanding Mario Vargas Llosa 863 CAS
Latin America Galeano, Eduardo Walking words 398.2328 GAL Ghouls and fools, folk tales
Latin America Jaramillo, Levi, Enrique Shadow : thirteen stories in opposition SC JARAMILLO LEVI Reality?
Latin America Loya, Olga Momentos magicos = magic moments 398.2098 LOY
Latin America Martin, Gerald Journeys through the labyrinth 860.998 MAR
Latin America Shirey, Lynn Latin American writers 860.9 SHI
Lebanon Accad, Evelyn Excised : a novel F ACCAD
Lebanon Chedid, Andree From sleep unbound F CHEDID
Lebanon Chedid, Andree Sixth day F CHEDID
Lebanon Daif, Rashid Dear Mr. Kawabata F DAIF Dying/memory
Lebanon Hage, Rawi De Niro's game F HAGE Civil war
Liberia Cooper, Helene House at Sugar Beach, the B COOPER Coup d'êtat
Libya Koni, Ibrahim Bleeding of the stone, the F KONI Magical realism, Bedouin
Libya Matar, Hisham In the country of men F MATAR Childhood/repression
Malaysia Rani, Manicka Rice mother F MANICKA Women
Malaysia Samarasan, Preeta Evening is the whole day F SAMARASAN Upper class families
Mayans (Mexico) Freidel, David Maya cosmos : three thousand years on the 299.7928 FRE Creation mythology
Mayans (Mexico) Montejo, Victor Bird who cleans the world and other Mayan fables 398.2089 MON
Mexico Bordering fires : the vintage book of contemporary Mexican and Chicana/o lit. 860.8097 BOR Mexican and Chicana/o literature
Mexico Crossing borders : the journey of Carlos Fuentes VID 860.092 CRO
Mexico Fifteen poets of the Aztec world 897.45 FIF Aztec
Mexico Mouth to mouth : poems by twelve contemporary Mexican women 861 MOU Women
Mexico New writing from Mexico 860 NEW
Mexico Pyramids of glass : short fiction from modern Mexico SC PYRAMIDS
Mexico Alarcon, Francis Snake poems : an Aztec inovation 811.54 ALA Aztec
Mexico Azuela, Mariano Underdogs F AZUELA Mexican revolution
Mexico Bell-Villada, C. Garcia Marquez : the man and his work 863 BEL Life of the writer
Mexico Bolaño, Roberto Savage detectives, the F BOLAÑO Literary movement
Mexico Boullosa, Carmen Leaving tabasco F BOULLOSA Magical realism/women
Mexico Castellanos, Rosario Book of lamentations F CASTELLANOS Uprising
Mexico Castellanos, Rosario City of kings SC CASTELLANOS
Mexico Esquivel, Laura Como agua para chocolate 863 ESQ Love and family life
Mexico Esquivel, Laura Law of love F ESQUIVEL Love and family life
Mexico Esquivel, Laura Like water for chocolate F ESQUIVEL Women love
Mexico Esquivel, Laura Swift as desire : a novel F ESQUIVEL Relationships
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Campaign, the F FUENTES Colonial/independence
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Christopher unborn F FUENTES Disaster and unrest
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Constancia : and other stories for virgins SC FUENTES Macho/emptiness
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Death of Artemio Cruz F FUENTES Conscience/pol. corruption
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Diana: the goddess who hunts alone F FUENTES
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Distant relations F FUENTES
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Eagle's throne, the F FUENTES Politial satire
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Good conscience F FUENTES
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Inez F FUENTES Magical realism
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Myself with others : selected essays 864 FUE
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Orange tree SC FUENTES Conquest/magic realism
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Terra nostra F FUENTES
Mexico Fuentes, Carlos Where the air is clear F FUENTES
Mexico Garro, Elena First love and look for my obituary F GARRO
Mexico Hinojosa, Francisco Hectic ethics SC HINOJOSA Family/society
Mexico Ibarguengoitia, Jorge Two crimes F IBARGUENGOITIA
Mexico Juana, Ines Sor Juana anthology, a 861 JUA
Mexico Le Clezio, J. Mexican dream 972.018 LEC Myths of ancient Mexico
Mexico Naipaul, V. S. Loss of El Dorado 972.983 NAI
Mexico Paz, Octavio Alternating current 864 PAZ
Mexico Paz, Octavio Monkey grammarian 864 PAZ
Mexico Paz, Octavio Sor Juana, or, the traps of faith B JUANA INES DE LA CRUZ
Mexico Poniatowska, Elena Skin of the sky, the F PONIATOWSKA Astronomy/education
Mexico Poniatowska, Elena Tinisima F PONIATOWSKA
Mexico Rojas Gonzalez, Fran Medicine man SC ROJAS GONZALEZ Nature
Mexico Romero, José Rubén Futile life of Pito Perez, the F ROMERO Injustice/life-death
Mexico Rulfo, Juan Burning plain, and other stories SC RULFO Rural life
Mexico Rulfo, Juan Pedro Paramo F RULFO Magic/realism
Mexico Taibo, Paco Ignacio Calling all heroes : a manual for taking power F TAIBO
Mexico Taibo, Paco Ignacio Just passing through F TAIBO Heroes/revolution
Mexico Taibo, Paco Ignacio Returning as shadows F TAIBO WW II/Hemingway
Mexico Toscana, David Tula Station F TOSCANA
Middle East Middle East, the 956 MID
Middle East Khasoggi, Soheir Mirage : a novel F KHASHOGGI Women/harem
Middle East, Africa Ingpen, Robert Folk tales & fables of the Middle East and Africa 398.232 ING
Middle East, Arabia Khashoggi, Soheir Mirage F KHASHOGGI Women/Islam
Mongolia Tschinag, Galsan Blue sky, the : a novel F TSCHINAG Traditions/modernity
Morocco Abouzeid, Leila Last chapter F ABOUZEID Women/culture clash
Morocco Abouzeid, Leila Year of the elephant : a Moroccan woman's journey toward independence, and other stories SC ABOUZEID Women
Morocco Chraibi, Driss Heirs to the past 896.64 CHR Culture clash
Morocco Oufkir, Malika Stolen lives : twenty years in a desert jail B OUFKIR Women political prisoners
Mozambique Couto, Mia Sleepwalking land F COUTO Refugees
Nepal Hutt, Michael Nepali : a national language and its literature 891.49 HUT
Nepal McCormick, Patricia Sold F MCCORMICK Slavery/prostitution +
Nepal Upadhyay, Samrat Arresting god in Kathmandu SC UPADHYAY Life in Kathmandu
Nepal Upadhyay, Samrat Royal ghosts, the SC UPADHYAY
New Zealand Hulme, Keri Bone people : a novel F HULME Maori/myths
New Zealand Savage, Deborah Stranger calls me home F SAVAGE Teenagers' lives
Nicaragua Cardenal, Ernest Golden UFOs : the Indian poems 861 CAR
Nicaragua Ramirez, Sergio Hatful of tigers : reflections on art 917.285 RAM
Nicaragua Ramirez, Sergio To bury our fathers : a novel F RAMIREZ Political kidnapping
Nigeria Abani, Chris Becoming Abigail F ABANI Women and abuse
Nigeria Abani, Chris Graceland F ABANI Coming of age
Nigeria Abdolah, Kader My father's notebook : a notebook F ABDOLAH Political dissident
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua Anthills of the savannah F ACHEBE Political corruption
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua Arrow of God F ACHEBE Tradition vs. modern
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua Beware, soul brother: poems 896 ACH
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua Collected poems 896 ACH Poetry
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua Hopes and impediments : selected essays 828.99669 ACH
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua Man of the people : a novel F ACHEBE Political satire
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua No longer at ease F ACHEBE Education/tradition
Nigeria Achebe, Chinua Things fall apart F ACHEBE/CDA Culture clash/tradition
Nigeria Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Half of a yellow sun F ADICHIE Civil war
Nigeria Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Purple hibiscus : a novel F ADICHIE Coming of age/religion/tradition
Nigeria Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi Thing around your neck, the F ADICHIE Ties with America
Nigeria Atta, Sefi Everything good will come : a novel F ATTA Women/tradition
Nigeria Balewa, Alhaji Shaihu Umar: a novel 896 BAL
Nigeria Clark, J. P. America : their America B CLARK
Nigeria Clark, J. P. Casualties : poems, 1966-1968 896 CLA
Nigeria Echewa, T. Obinkaram I saw the sky catch fire F ECHEWA
Nigeria Ekwensi, Cyprian Beautiful feathers F EKWENSI
Nigeria Ekwensi, Cyprian Burning grass : a story of the Fulani of Northern 896.3 EKW
Nigeria Ekwensi, Cyprian Jagua Nana F EKWENSI
Nigeria Ekwensi, Cyprian Lokotown and other stories SC EKWENSI
Nigeria Ekwensi, Cyprian Survive the peace F EKWENSI
Nigeria Emecheta, Buchi Bride price : a novel F EMECHETA
Nigeria Emecheta, Buchi Family F EMECHETA Women
Nigeria Emecheta, Buchi Joys of motherhood F EMECHETA Women/strength
Nigeria Emecheta, Buchi Rape of Shavi F EMECHETA Women
Nigeria Emecheta, Buchi Second-class citizen F EMECHETA Women/strength
Nigeria Habila, Helon Waiting for an angel F HABILA Political violence
Nigeria Innes, Catherine Chinua Achebe 896 INN
Nigeria Moyers, Bill World of ideas : Chinua Achebe VID 896 MOY
Nigeria Ngugi, wa Thiong Matigari F NGUGI
Nigeria Nzekwu, Onuora Blade among the boys F NZEKWU Traditional/western/religion
Nigeria Okri, Ben Famished road F OKRI Life/death
Nigeria Okri, Ben Songs of enchantment F OKRI Love/national unrest
Nigeria Soyinka, Wole Ake : the years of childhood B SOYINKA
Nigeria Soyinka, Wole Art, dialogue, and outrage 824 SOY
Nigeria Soyinka, Wole Interpreters F SOYINKA Corruption
Nigeria Soyinka, Wole Open sore of a continent 966.905 SOY Dictatorship
Nigeria Tutuola, Amos Palm-wine drinkard and his dead palm-wine tapster in the Dead's town F TUTUOLA Life/death/greed
Nigeria Tutuola, Amos Village witch doctor and other stories SC TUTUOLA
Nigeria Umeasiegbu, R. Way we lived : Ibo customs and stories 398 UME
Panama Jaramillo Levi, Enrique Shadow : thirteen stories in opposition SC JARAMILLO LEVI Reality?
Pakistan Hamid, Mohsin Moth smoke F HAMID Politics/personal corruption
Pakistan Hamid, Mohsin Reluctant fundamentalist, the F HAMID Race discrimination
Pakistan Shamsie, Kamila Salt and saffron F SHAMSIE Family
Pakistan Sidhwa, Bapsi American brat F SIDHWA Politics and America
Pakistan Sidhwa, Bapsi Cracking India F SIDHWA India history
Pakistan Sidhwa, Bapsi Crow eaters : a novel F SIDHWA
Pakistan Staples, Suzanne Fisher Haveli F STAPLES Family feud +
Pakistan Staples, Suzanne Fisher Shabanu : daughter of the wind F STAPLES Marriage customs +
Pakistan/(Bangladesh) Rokeya, Begum Sultana's dream and selections from the secluded ones 823 ROK Muslim/women
Palestine Ali, Taha Muhammad Never mind : twenty poems and a story 892.71 ALI Poetry
Palestine Badr, Liyana Balcony over the Fakihani SC BADR
Palestine Barakat, Ibtisam Tasting the sky : a Palestinian childhood B BARAKAT Child refugee/1960's
Palestine Ghandour, Zetina B. Honey FGHANDOUR Militant/Islam
Palestine Habibi, Imil Secret life of Saeed the pessoptimist F HABIBI Spy for Israelis
Palestine Qasim, Samih Sadder than water 892.71 QAS Palestinian/Arabic poetry
Palestine-Arab Nasrallah, Ibra Prairies of fever: a novel F NASRALLAH
Paraquay Roa Bastos, Augusto I, the supreme F ROA BASTOS Politics/history
Peru Alarcón, Daniel Lost city radio : a novel F ALARCON Political atrocities
Peru Arguedas, Jose Yawar fiesta F ARGUEDAS
Peru Arguedas, Jose Maria Deep rivers F ARGUEDAS Culture clash
Peru Berenson, Rhoda Lori : my daughter, wrongfully imprisoned in Peru B BERENSON Political prisoners
Peru Bryce, E. World of Julius : a novel F BRYCE
Peru Vargas Llosa, Mario Aunt Julia and the scriptwriter F VARGAS LLOSA Marriage/comdey
Peru Vargas Llosa, Mario Death in the Andes F VARGAS LLOSA Guerrilla war
Peru Vargas Llosa, Mario Real life of Alejandro Mayta F VARGAS LLOSA Politics and revolution
Peru Vargas Llosa, Mario Storyteller F VARGAS LLOSA Life story
Peru Vargas Llosa, Mario War of the end of the world F VARGAS LLOSA Prohpets and utopia
Peru Vargas Llosa, Mario Who killed Palomino Molero? F VARGAS LLOSA Murder and corruption
Philippines Brainard, Cecilia Song of Yvonne F BRAINARD
Philippines Enriquez, Anton Night I cry and other stories SC ENRIQUEZ
Philippines Hagedorn, Jessica Dogeaters F HAGEDORN Society levels
Philippines Jose, F. Sionil Dusk : a novel F JOSE Life of exiled family
Philippines Reyes, Garciano Moon and Bai Insiang : and other stories SC REYES
Philippines Villanueva, M. Ginseng and other tales from Manila SC VILLANEUVA
Poland Borowski, Tadeusy This way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen: and other stories SC BOROWSKI Holocaust
Poland Fink, Ida Scrap of time and other stories SC FINK Holocaust
Poland Herling-Grudzi, Gustaw Island : three tales SC HERLING
Poland Konwicki, Tadeusz Minor apocalypse F KONWIKI
Poland Konwicki, Tadeusz New World Avenue and vicinity F KONWIKI
Poland Konwicki, Tadeusz Polish complex F KONWIKI
Poland Szczypiorski, Andrzej Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman F SZCZYPIORSKI Arrest and rescue from Nazi
Puerto Rico Reclaiming Medusa : short stories by contemporary Puerto Rican women SC RECLAIMING Women
Puerto Rico Ferre, Rosario Flight of the swan F FERRE Ballet and love story
Puerto Rico Ferre, Rosario House on the lagoon F FERRE Women writer of family history
Puerto Rico Ferre, Rosario Youngest doll SC FERRE Women
Puerto Rico Garcia, Ramis, M. Happy days, Uncle Sergio F GARCIA RAMIS 1950s unrest
Puerto Rico Sanchez, Luis Rafael Macho camachos beat F SANCHEZ Puerto Rico-culture
Puerto Rico Santiago, Robert Boricuas: influential Puerto Rican writings--an anthology 810.8 BOR
Puerto Rico Toppel, Lori Three children F TOPPEL Coming of age
Romania Muller, Herta Land of green plums F MULLER
Romania Neagoe, Peter Selection of stories SC NEAGOE
Russia Anthology of Russian women's writing, 1777-1992, an 891.708 ANT Women
Russia Balancing acts : contemporary stories by Russian women SC BALANCING Women
Russia Best Russian short stories SC BEST
Russia Best short stories of Dostoevsky SC DOSTOEVSKY
Russia Glasnost : an anthology of Russian literature under Gobachev 891.78 GLA
Russia Human experience : contemporary American & Soviet fiction and poetry 810.8 HUM
Russia Image of women in contemporary Soviet fiction 891.73 IMA
Russia Russia according to women 891.784 RUS Women
Russia Soviet women writing : 15 short stories SC SOVIET Women
Russia Stories from a Siberian village SC SHUKSHIN
Russia Treasury of Russian short stories, 1900-1966 SC TREASURY
Russia Aleshkovsky, Yuz Hand : or, the confession F ALESHKOWSKY
Russia Baklanov, Grigory Forever nineteen F BAKLANOV Wold War II
Russia Baranskaya, N. Week like any other : novel SC BARANSKAYA
Russia Bulgakov, Mikhail Diaboliad, and other stories SC BULGAKOV
Russia Bykau, Vasil Sign of misfortune F BYKAU
Russia Chekhov, Anton Shadows and light : nine stories SC CHEKHOV
Russia Kabakov, Alexander No return F KABAKOV
Russia Konstantin, Anatole Red boyhood, a : growing up under Stalin B KONSTANTIN Childhood/Holocaust
Russia Kross, Jaan Czar's madman : a novel F KROSS Historical fiction
Russia Lvov, Arkadii Courtyard, the F LVOV Stalinist power
Russia Pasternak, Boris In the interlude : poems, 1945-1960 891.71 PAS
Russia Pelevin, Viktor Buddha's little finger F PELEVIN Reality/fantasy; past/present
Russia Petrushevskaya, Ludmilla Time : night F PETRUSHEVSKAYA
Russia Sevela, Efraim We were not like other people F SEVELA Boy during WW II
Russia Sholokhov, Mik'l Fierce and gentle warriors: three stories SC SHOLOKHOV Steppe people
Russia Soloukhin, V. Laughter over the left shoulder B SOLOUKHIN
Russia Solzhenitsyn, A One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich CAS 891.744 SOL Prisoner in Siberia
Russia Tertz, Abram Goodnight!: a novel F TERTZ
Russia Tertz, Abram Makepeace experiment F TERTZ
Russia Tolstaya, Taty Sleepwaker in a fog SC TOLSTAYA
Russia Tolstoy, Leo Great short works of Leo Tolstoy SC TOLSTOY
Russia Ulitskaia, Ludmila Funeral party F ULITSKAIA Russia/New York
Russia Voznesensky, A. Voznesensky : selected poems 891.71 VOZ
Russia Yevtushenko, Y. Don't die before you're dead F YEVTUSHENKO
Russia Zamyatin, Evgeny Godforsaken hole, a F ZAMYATIN
Russia Zamyatin, Yevg Dragon : fifteen stories SC ZAMYATIN
Russia Zivkovic, Zoran Seven touches of music : a mosaic novel F ZIVKOVIC
Russia Zoshchenko, Michil Scenes from the bathhouse, and other stories of Communist Russia SC ZOSHCHENKO
Russia / Afghanistan Yermakov, Oleg Afghan tales : stories from Russia's Vietnam F YERMAKOV
Rwanda Diop, Boubacar Boris Murambi : the book of bones F DIOP Genocide
Rwanda Ilibagiza, Immaculée Left to tell F ILIBAGIZA Genocide memoir
Rwanda Jansen, Hanna Over a thousand hills I walk with you F JANSEN Genocide
Rwanda Rucyahana, John Bishop of Rwanda, the B RUCYAHANA
Rwanda Stassen, Jean-Philippe Deogratias, a tale of Rwanda F STASSEN Genocide/graphic novel
Saudi Arabia Abodehman, Ahmed Belt, the B ABODEHMAN Memoir, coming of age
Saudi Arabia Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel B HIRSI ALI
Saudi Arabia Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel CDA B HIRSI ALI
Saudi Arabia Munif, Abdelrahma Trench F MUNIF Oil sheikdom
Saudi Arabia Sani, Raja Girls of Riyadh F SANI Life of upper class
Senegal Ba, Mariama So long a letter 896 BA Polygamy
Senegal Bugul, Ken Abandoned baobab F BUGUL
Senegal Senghor, Leopold Nocturnes 896.63 SEN
Senegal Senghor, Leopold Prose and poetry 896.63 SEN
Sierra Leone Beath, Ishmael Long way gone, a : memoirs of a boy solder B BEAH Civil War/child soldier bio
Sierra Leone Beath, Ishmael Long way gone, a : memoirs of a boy solder CDA B BEAH Civil War/child soldier bio
Sierra Leone Kamara, Mariatu Bite of the mango, the B KAMARA Children as victims of war +
Singapore Cheong, Fiona Scent of the gods F CHEONG Independence
Singapore Lim, Catherine Bondmaid F LIM Slavery/women
Singapore Lim, Catherine Little ironies : stories of Singapore SC LIM
Singapore Lim, Catherine Or else, the lightning god, and other stories SC LIM
Somalia Farah, Nuruddin Close sesame F FARAH
Somalia Farah, Nuruddin Gifts: a novel F FARAH War/family
Somalia Farah, Nuruddin Links F FARAH War/return
Somalia Farah, Nuruddin Sardines F FARAH Repression
Somalia Farah, Nuruddin Sweet & sour milk F FARAH Political repression
Somalia Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel B HIRSI ALI
Somalia Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Infidel CDA B HIRSI ALI
South Africa Apartheid: calibrations of color 820.8032 APA Apartheid
South Africa Colors of a new day : writing for South Africa 820.8032 COL Apartheid
South Africa Dry white season, a VID 791.4372 DRY Apartheid
South Africa From South Africa: new writing, photographs, and art 820.9 FRO
South Africa Gods must be crazy VID 791.4372 GOD
South Africa Gods must be crazy II VID 791.4372 GOD
South Africa Master Harold…and the boys VID 791.4372 MAS
South Africa Power of one VID 791.43 POW
South Africa Somehow tenderness survives SC SOMEHOW
South Africa Somehow tenderness survives SC SOMEHOW
South Africa World of ideas with Bill Moyers: on being a white African VID 968 WOR Apartheid
South Africa Abrahams, Peter Tell freedom : memories of Africa B ABRAHAMS
South Africa Behr, Mark Smell of apples F BEHR Child abuse
South Africa Biko, Steve I write what I like 828.9936 BIK Apartheid
South Africa Brink, Andre Imaginings of sand F BRINK Political unrest
South Africa Brink, Andre States of emergency F BRINK
South Africa Brutus, Dennis Simple lust : selected poems 896 BRU
South Africa Case, Dianne 92 Queens Road F CASE "coloured"
South Africa Coetzee, J. M. Age of Iron F COETZEE Apartheid
South Africa Coetzee, J. M. Disgrace F COETZEE Race issues
South Africa Coetzee, J. M. Life & Times of Michael K F COETZEE Repression
South Africa Courtenay, Bryce Power of one F COURTENAY Prejudice
South Africa Courtenay, Bryce Tandia F COURTENAY Resistance
South Africa Dangor, Achmat Kafka's curse F DANGOR Religion
South Africa Freed, Lynn Bungalow : a novel F FREED
South Africa Fugard, Athol Master Harold…and the boys 822 FUGARD Racism
South Africa Fugard, Athol Skinner's drift : a novel F FUGARD Post apartheid
South Africa Fugard, Athol Tstosi : a novel F FUGARD Criminals
South Africa Glass, Linzi Year the gypsies came : a novel F GLASS Apartheid
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Burger's daughter F GORDIMER Activist family
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Conservationist F GORDIMER Land/apartheid
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Conversations with Nadine Gordimer 823 GOR
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Crimes of conscience SC GORDIMER Apartheid
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Guest of honour F GORDIMER Supporting independence
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine House gun F GORDIMER Post-apartheid
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine July's people CAS GORDIMER Violence/apartheid
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine July's people F GORDIMER Violence/apartheid
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Jump and other stories SC GORDIMER
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine None to accompany me F GORDIMER Post-apartheid/change
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Pickup, the F GORDIMER Arab immigrant
South Africa Gordimer, Nadine Something out there: stories SC GORDIMER
South Africa Gordon, Sheila Waiting for the rain : a novel F GORDON +
South Africa Gordon, Sheila Waiting for the rain : a novel F GORDON +
South Africa Head, Bessie Collector of treasures SC HEAD
South Africa Head, Bessie Maru F HEAD Teacher/slavery
South Africa Head, Bessie Question of power F HEAD Interracial child
South Africa Head, Bessie When rain clouds gather F HEAD
South Africa Jooste, Pamela Frieda and Min F JOOSTE Apartheid
South Africa Magona, Sindiwe Living, loving, and lying awake at night SC MAGONA
South Africa Magona, Sindiwe To my children's children B MAGONA Memoir/women
South Africa Makeba, Miriam Makeba : my story B MAKEBA Singer; anti-apartheid
South Africa Mandela, Winnie Part of my soul went with him B MANDELA
South Africa Mathabane, Mark African women : three generations 305.4096 NAT Women
South Africa Mda, Zakes Madonna of Excelsior, the F MDA Interracial relationships
South Africa Moss, Rose Shouting at the crocodile 345.68 MOS
South Africa Naidoo, Beverley Chain of fire F NAIDOO +
South Africa Naidoo, Beverley Journey to Jo'burg : a South African story F NAIDOO +
South Africa Naidoo, Beverley No turning back : a novel F NAIDOO +
South Africa Naidoo, Beverley Out of bounds : seven stories of conflict and hope SC NAIDOO Apartheid
South Africa Ndebele, Njabu Fools and other stories SC NDEBELE
South Africa Paton, Alan Ah, but your land is beautiful F PATON Apartheid
South Africa Paton, Alan Cry, the beloved country VID 823 PAT
South Africa Paton, Alan Cry, the beloved country CAS PATON
South Africa Paton, Alan Too late for the Phalarope F PATON
South Africa Sacks, Margaret Beyond safe boundaries F SACKS Apartheid/protest +
South Africa Schoeman, Karel Promised land : a novel F SCHOEMAN
South Africa Schreiner, Oliver Olive Schreiner reader, an 824 SCH
South Africa Sempamla,Sipho Ride on the whirlwind : a novel 896 SEP Terrorism
South Africa Silver, Norman Eye for color, an F SILVER +
South Africa Silver, Norman No tigers in Africa : a novel F SILVER +
South Africa Silver, Norman Python dance F SILVER +
South Africa Soyinka, Wole Mandela's earth and other poems 821 SOY
South Africa Van der Vyver, Marita Childish things F VAN DER VYVER Coming of age
South Africa Williams, Michael Crocodile burning F WILLIAMS Music/apartheid
South Africa Williams, Michael Into the valley F WILLIAMS Rebellion/quest/hero
South Africa Zwi, Rose Umbrella tree F ZWI
South America Carpentier, Alejo Lost steps F CARPENTIER Nation/magical realism
Sri Lanka Gunesekera, Ron Reef F GUNESEKERA
Sri Lanka Selvadurai, Shyam Swimming in the monsoon sea F SELVADURAI Love
Sudan Aboulela, Leila Minaret F ABOULELA Muslim women/London exile
Sudan Dau, John God grew tired of us B DAU
Sudan Eggers, Dave What is the what : autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng F EGGERS Lost Boys (American author)
Sudan Hari, Daoud Translator, the B HARI Refugees
Taiwan Chang, S. K. City trilogy, the 895.1352 CHA
Taiwan Cheng, Ching-Wen Three legged horse SC CHENG Taiwanese fiction
Taiwan Zhu, Tianxin Old capital, the :a novel of Taipei F ZHU Cultural and psychological realities
Tanzania Gurnah, Abdulrazak Admiring silence F GURNAH
Tanzania Gurnah, Abdulrazak Paradise F GURNAH Coming of age
Thailand Ho, Minfong Rice without rain F HO +
Thailand Siburapha Behind the painting and other stories SC SIBURAPHA
Tibet Alai Red poppies F ALAI Pre-occupation
Tibet Benson, Sandra Tales of the golden corpse : Tibetan folk tales 398.20951 BEN Tibetan folk tales
Tibet Dawa, Tashi Soul in bondage : stories from Tibet SC DAWA
Tibet Dge-'dun-rgya-mtsho Mystical verses of a mad Dalai Lama 294.3923
Tibet Klong-chen Kindly bent to ease us 895.4 KLO
Tibet Norbu, Jamyang Mandala of Sherlock Holmes, the F NORBU Sherlock Holmes
Tibet Tashi, Phuntshog "Guests of the ortog bar" WRLD LIT TDY JAN/APR 2004 Cultural revolution
Tibet Thurlow, Cliff Stories from beyond the clouds 398.2 THU
Tibet Tshe, … Tale of the incomparable prince F TSHE
Tibet Xinran Sky burial F XINRAN Widow/survival
Trinidad Naipaul, V. S. Return of Eva Peron 082 NAI
Trinidad/Tobago Lovelace, Earl Dragon can't dance F LOVELACE Carnival
Trinidad/Tobago Maharaj, Rabindranath Perfect pledge, a F MAHARAJ Change/cultural differences
Trinidad/Tobago Smyth, Amanda Lime tree can't bear orange F SMYTH Racially mixed children
Turkey Yol VID 791.4372 YOL Political prisoners
Turkey Hicyilmaz, Gaye Against the storm F HICYILMAZ
Turkey Karasu, Bilge Night : a novel F KARASU
Turkey Kemal, Yashar Anatolian tales SC KEMAL
Turkey Livaneli, O.Z. Bliss F LIVANELI
Turkey Pamuk, Orhan Snow F PAMUK Islam, love
Turkey Shafak, Elif Bastard of Istanbul, the F SHAFAK Armenian massacre
Uganda Go VID 967.6 GO Children and war
Uganda Isegawa, Moses Abyssinian chronicles F ISEGAWA Coming of age/political corruption
Uganda Isegawa, Moses Snakepit F ISEGAWA Political corruption
Ukraine Metter, Israel Fifth corner of the room F METTER
United Arab Emirates Gargash, Maha Sand fish F GARGASH Women/social life
United States (Argentina) Thornton, Lawrence Imagining Argentina F THORNTON
United States (Argentina) Thornton, Lawrence Naming the spirits F THORNTON
Uruguay Onetti, Juan Carlos Body snatcher F ONETTI
Uruguay Onetti. Juan Carlos Shipyard F ONETTI
Uruguay Rossi, Cristine Ship of fools F ROSSI
Vietnam Anthology of Vietnamese poems 895.9221 ANT
Vietnam Other side of heaven 813.0108358 OTH
Vietnam Poems from captured documents 895.9221 POE
Vietnam Bao, Ninh Sorrow of war, the F BAO War/post war
Vietnam Cao, Lan Monkey bridge F CAO Search for identity
Vietnam Duong, Thu Huong Beyond illusions F DUONG Communism corruption
Vietnam Duong, Thu Huong Memories of a pure spring F DUONG Post war
Vietnam Duong, Thu Huong Novel without a name F DUONG
Vietnam Duong, Thu Huong Paradise of the blind F DUONG Communism/oppression
Vietnam Hayslip, Le Ly When heaven and earth changed places B HAYSLIP Women/escape
Vietnam Ho, Anh Thai Behind the red mist : short fiction by Ho Anh Thai SC HO
Vietnam Le, Luu Time far past, a F LE
Vietnam Nguyen, Huy Thie General retires and other stories SC NGUYEN
Vietnam Nguyen, Khai Past continuous F NGUYEN
Vietnam Nhat Hanh, T. Call me by my true names 895.922 NHA
Vietnam Nhat Hanh, T. Hermitage among the clouds 895.922 NHA
Vietnam Nhat Hanh, Thio Taste of earth, and other legends of Vietnam SC NHAT HANH
Vietnam Thai, Ho Anh Women on the island F THAI Vietnam-women/postwar
Vietnam Tran, Vu Dragon hunt : five stories SC TRAN
Wales Azzopardi, Trezza Hiding place, the F AZZOPARDI
West Africa West African folktales 398.2096 WES
Yugoslavia Andric, Ivo Bridge on the Drina F ANDRIC History
Yugoslavia Dizdarevic, Z. Sarajevo : a war journal 949.742 DIZ
Yugoslavia Djilas, Milova Stone and the violets SC DJILAS
Yugoslavia Pavic, Milorad Landscape painted with tea F PAVIC
Yugoslavia Tisma, Aleksandra Book of Blam F TISMA
Zaire Meyers, Margaret Swimming in the Congo SC MEYERS Missionary
Zaire Mudimbe, V. Y. Before the birth of the moon F MUDIMBE Relationships/pol. corrupt.
Zambia Kaunda, Kenneth Humanist in Africa 967 KAU
Zimbabwe Chinodya, Shimmer Harvest of thorns F CHI
Zimbabwe Dangarembga, T. Nervous conditions : a novel F DANGAREMBGA
Zimbabwe Fuller, Alexandra Don't let's go to the dogs tonight B FULLER/CDA Memoirs
Zimbabwe Godwin, Peter Mukiwa : a white boy in Africa B GODWIN
Zimbabwe Hove, Chenjer Bones F HOVE
Zimbabwe Hove, Chenjer Shadows F HOVE
Zimbabwe Lessing, Doris Stories SC LESSING Women
Zimbabwe Maraire, J. Zenzele : a letter for my daughter F MARAIRE
Zimbabwe Vera, Yvonne Butterfly burning F VERA Women
Zimbabwe Vera, Yvonne Stone virgins, the F VERA Protest/dichotomy
Zimbabwe Vera, Yvonne Without a name : and under the tongue F VERA Women



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