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Holmes School is one of five elementary schools located in the town of Darien, Connecticut.  It is a vibrant, neighborhood school that currently houses approximately 430+ students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Our staff members are passionate about providing a rigorous, exciting educational experience for our students.  Each day, teachers strive to match scientifically research-based instructional strategies to the educational needs of each individual child in order to ensure that they are progressing toward their learning goals.  Our curriculum embraces:

  • an emphasis on higher-order, inquiry-based thinking
  • real-world experiences that provide meaning for academic tasks
  • collaboration with adults and peers in the learning environment
  • a responsibility to learning, to oneself, and to the community
  • opportunities to reflect on one’s strengths and areas for growth and,
  •  the value of choice in supporting engagement in the learning process


The Holmes Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is also dedicated to supporting the values of community.  Our parents generously volunteer their time to provide programs and events which enhance and enrich our children’s educational experience.  This partnership allows the adults in our community to work collaboratively toward meeting the needs of our students.

Open communication between school and families is a vital component of our school.  We encourage parents to work closely with staff members to ensure a happy, successful school experience.  Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or either of us if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year!

With warm regards,

Paula Bleakley, Principal                                             Alex Harvey, Assistant Principal

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Welcome back students!

Expanded use of ASPEN for

Student Contact & Medical Emergency Information

Sharing Directory Info & Email/Text Notifications

Darien is now using ASPEN, a secure Web-based information management system to collect contact and medical emergency information and for parents to request non-disclosure of directory information for students.  School Messenger will be used for email/text notifications in place of Ed Alert.

Please click here for more information

Please click here for a 2014-2015 Important Alert

Weather-related Procedure Information

 Safe School Climate Plan

As required by Connecticut Public Act 11-232, “An Act Concerning the Strengthening of School Bullying Laws”, on December 13, 2011 the Darien Board of Education approved a Safe School Climate Plan. To view click here. This plan is a supplement to Board of Education Policy 5245, Bullying Prevention and Intervention. To view click here.

Web Prepayment system for school meals available now!

With LunchPrepay.com you never have to worry about lost lunch money again. LunchPrepay.com is a secure, easy and convenient way to apply funds directly to your student's account online. You can even check the account balance and keep an eye on what your student is buying! As an added convenience, parents can receive a Low Balance notification email alerting the parent that the student’s account will need another payment applied soon.

www.LunchPrepay.com has been designed to make it easy for you to know exactly what information you need to provide and to guide you through the process.

Membership Details:

  • $10 Membership fee (one-time only)
  • Deposit money with ease using your debit or credit card
  • Flexibility to deposit money into multiple student accounts with one payment
  • View Account Balances
  • View 90 day Meal History
  • Low Balance Notification via email

To learn more visit www.LunchPrepay.com to register, you simply need your student’s district student Id #. If you do not have this number you may obtain it from your student’s school.

Green Cleaning Programs in Schools (CT PUBLIC ACT 09-81)

The State of Connecticut is requiring that each local and regional board of education implement a green cleaning program for all school buildings and facilities in its district.

The Darien Public Schools is committed to the implementation of this law by providing the staff and the parents and guardians of each child enrolled in each school with a written statement of the school district’s green cleaning program as well as making it available on its web site annually.

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