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Student Council Elections Bring Out The Best
By Anjali K., Blue Team

This year, several students ran for election in the Student Council Committee. Even though this year's elections are already over, The Dragon wanted to highlight these fine students who stepped up to try and represent you.

Each one of them put time and effort into creating their campaign. Here are some of the students who participated:

8th Grade Nominees

Jay Alter — Jay ran for an executive board position last year. He would like to have a field day competition for a spirit day.

  • Slogan: “¡Olé! ¡Olé! ¡Olé! ¡Olé! Vote Jay… Today.”
  • Idol: Michael Scott – He shows how good business gets done.
  • He goes for long walks on the beach, watches T.V., and sings & dances in his free time.

Tom Brown — Tom ran for student council once before. He would like to have more school spirit days.

  • Slogan: “What can Tom Brown do for you?”
  • Idol: AC/DC – They did a great job and everyone likes them.
  • He plays tennis, cricket, and the guitar in his free time.

Jessica DeMaio — Jessica was involved with student council in fifth grade. She would like to have outside lessons, more field trips, team days, and school-wide spirit days.

  • Idols: her parents – They support her, have taught her everything, and she looks up to them.
  • She plays softball in her free time.

Nicole Gutierrez — Nicole stood for student council last year. She would like to make a greater number of students involved with school and team wide spirit days.

  • Slogan: “With Nicole in control, we can all reach our goals!” – She also wants students to bring their goals to Student Council so they can make everyone happy.
  • Idol: Eleanor Roosevelt – She helped F.D.R. make many important decisions, and she helped women's rights.
  • She enjoys acting, dancing, and playing field hockey.

Vanessa O'Kelly — Vanessa has not been involved with student council before. She would like to make school more sanitary and offer more music in our daily lives.

  • Idol: her mom – She is very smart and nice. Also, she is always there when needed.
  • She enjoys playing the cello, reading, talking with friends, and having fun.

McKinley Stauffer — McKinley stood for election in 6th grade. She has been a homeroom representative for 2 years. She would like to have the students who contributed for fundraisers deliver the money or gifts to the organization. This allows students to go on more field trips and shows that kids have moral support for our school.

  • Idols: her parents – They work hard and support her with help and guidance whenever she needs it.
  • She plays softball in her free time.

7th Grade Nominees

Kylie Maier — Kylie served on the student council in 4th grade. She would like to have many small changes for the students.

  • Slogan: “A vote for Kylie will make you smiley!”
  • Idol: her grandfather – He is a World War II veteran, and was injured in the second wave of soldiers at Normandy . Even though he was injured, he never let it slow him down.
  • She loves to hang out with her friends, play soccer and lacrosse, bake, and practice the cello.

Andy Mogenson — Andy has not been involved with student council before. He would like to make MMS more environmentally friendly by reducing bottled water to more use of water fountains, which reduces the use of oil for shipping or making the bottles.

  • Slogan: “Small changes, big difference”
  • Idol: Cal Ripken Jr. – He was on his favorite team, showed up to play, and stayed after games until everyone who wanted an autograph got one.
  • He plays/watches sports in his free time.

Liam Naughton — Liam has not been involved with student council before. He would like to have more spirit days and fun activities.

  • Idol: his dad – He is a great man, father, and coach.
  • He enjoys playing sports and hanging out with my friends.

Annabel Schneider — Annabel was a student council representative in 4th and 5th grade. She would like to add a school store to MMS. Run by student volunteers, it would include school supplies & spirit wear. The money raised will be used to fund clubs and other fun events at MMS.

  • Slogan: “Stick with Schneider, she will make your future brighter!”
  • Idol: her sister – Her dedication is stronger than anyone else, works far beyond the expectations.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys performing (singing, acting, and dancing) and playing soccer while bonding with her friends.

Cameron Wong — Cameron was involved with student council last year. He would like to include more interactive fundraisers if elected.

  • He does not believe the slogan is as important as the speech.
  • Idol: his dad – He is understanding, believes in him, hardworking, and helps him when he is distressed.
  • His favorite activity is to play soccer and tennis.

6th Grade Nominees

Nicholas (Nick) Cohen — Nick was involved in student council in 3rd grade. He would like to have more communication between the school and students; make it easier to learn about current events and activities.

  • Idol: Abraham Lincoln – He was a strong leader who guided our country through one of its most difficult times.
  • He enjoys sailing – he gets to make his own decisions and new friends.

Rachel Keith — Rachel was elected as one of the class representatives in 4th grade. She would like MMS to have more school spirit.

  • Idol: Lance Armstrong – He succeeded at something he was very good at (biking), fought cancer, and supported charities. He inspired her to compete in the Ox Ridge charity horse show, with money donated to less fortunate people in Norwalk .
  • She horseback rides, plays lacrosse, hangs out with her friends, and of course, does her homework in her free time.

Brad McCarthy — Brad was in student council in 4th and 5th grade. He would like create a better environment at MMS, get students to go in for more extra help, and make the school bully-free.

  • Slogan: “Vote for Brad, You'll be Glad”
  • Idol: Dustin Pedro of the Boston Red Sox – He always tries his best.
  • He likes playing outside with his neighborhood friends.

Dillon Schoen — Dillon was involved in student council in 3rd grade. She would like to make the lunch lines faster and have more school-wide events.

  • Slogan: “Do it with Dillon” – She thought of it because the school will improve if you “Do it with Dillon.”
  • Idol: Harriet Tubman – She helped not only herself, but other slaves to freedom. She was so unselfish.
  • She likes to kick the soccer ball, ride his bike, or collect sea glass on the beach.
These kids have worked hard over the last few weeks, and the whole school appreciates their efforts.