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New Teacher Spotlight
Mrs. Straw


Subject: Grade 6 & Grade 8 Social Studies
Silver Team, Red Team, & Navy Team
Number of Years at MMS: 1

By Kasey M., Red Team



Mrs. Straw comes to us from Middlebrook School in Wilton where she was previously an enrichment aid. She went to Boston College to get her degree and is currently working on her Master's degree.

When asked how she likes MMS, Mrs. Straw said, I love it! I'm very happy here. But her first few days were not without some trouble. I got lost a few times, but everyone was very helpful. It helped me understand what the 6 th graders are going through, she explained.

Along with teaching, Mrs. Straw has done some radio news and voice over work. She said that this has helped her with her new responsibilities as a social studies teacher. I have always wanted to understand what goes on in the world. So it was a natural transition to want to understand why and how, and share it with my students, she said.

Ms. Straw teaches social studies on the Navy, Red, and Silver Teams.