DHS Senior Twins

By Shelby Penfield- 11/09
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Bobby and Ryan Puzzle

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Ever look around the hall and see double? This year’s senior grade includes an astounding ten pairs of twins. From "posties" to actors, these twins portray all aspects of sports, theater, academics and extra-curriculars whether they are alike or different. The sets of twins include: Emily and Maggie Close, Amy and Susan Biggart, Bobby and Ryan Minion, John and Matt Thacker, Lexy and Livy Ashburne, Greg and Geoff Leeker, Talene and Ari Balian, Mary and Emily Elliot, Jacob and Eli Converse, and Mac and Hunt Bartram. Neirad interviewed some of the pairs and got their insight on life as a twin.





Biggart Twins Puzzle


"It’s a lot different than what people think it is. A lot of people think it’s like having a party with your best friend every night but we still fight from time to time and are competitive but I wouldn’t trade in my twin for an older sibling" senior Emily Close said. According to Mac Bartram, "It’s nice having someone to go through new things with."


Mary Elliot agrees that, "In a situation where you feel awkward, Emily is there and I feel less awkward." Some twins however view their gift as one big party, "Oh my god it’s so much fun, it’s like having a sleep over with your best friend!" senior Maggie Close claims.




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"I like being a twin, if I could be one again I would. It does have its advantages and disadvantages however," Susan Biggart said. Close and Biggart seem to approve of their lives as a twin while others aren’t so keen on the idea, "I’d rather have an older brother" Mac Bartram said. The Elliots claim they don’t even think of it as having as twin: "I always think of it as my sister Mary, who just happens to be my age" Emily Elliot said.




Close Twins


There is no explanation of the unexpectedly large number of twins in the senior grade, but these twins definitely learn how to make the most of the gift they are given as a twin. "The best thing about being a twin is during arguments when my mom is mad at one of us, she has to take on both of us," Emily Close said. Twin sister Maggie Close similarly agrees saying, "We always have each other’s backs even if I know Emily is wrong about something."







Converse Twins Puzzle

The Bartram twins also believe that this is one of the best aspects of being a twin. "We team up on my sister in arguments and stuff. We also do homework together…well, it’s more I do it and he copies me," Mac Bartram stated.


While many twins utilize their gift, others simply haven’t gotten the chance to test their abilities. "No, we haven’t taken advantage of anyone yet. We should though, because everyone wants us to switch classes one day and see if the teacher notices."





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Being twins can empower the two to team up together on many different occasions. However, in some cases, competitiveness comes out. Theatre twins, Mary and Emily Elliot, are constantly feeling the competition both on and off the stage. "It’s a unique situation in that, even after you audition and go home, you still live with your competition" Emily said. "It’s definitely hard but you constantly remind yourself that you are different," Mary goes on to say, "We have very different voices."



Twins not only are brought up together but some look exactly alike. Amy and Susan Biggart are a prime example of fraternal, yet identical-looking, twins.

Ashburne Twins Puzzle

"People mix up all the time! Even my parents mix us up sometimes", she goes on to say, "The longer you know us the easier it gets." In addition to Amy and Susan, the Biggarts have an older pair of twins as well! With five girls in the family, and four of them being twins, the Biggarts definitely experience life as a twin in all aspects.

"Even though there are definitely downsides to being one of five girls in my family I think it is really nice to have such a big family especially one with a lot of older sisters that can give advice and help us out when we need it" Amy Biggart said. Both of their older sisters have already graduated college and have gone their separate ways; Katie Biggart is a first-year law student at Columbia Law School and her twin Sarah Biggart is currently working at a communications company in New York City.



Bartram Twins Puzzle


Twin telekinesis is another predominant curiosity in the lives of twins. Mac claims as kids, he and Hunt would always tell their friends what the other was thinking, even though it was hardly ever true. To this day he claims they have telekinesis, "We can read each other’s minds.


Right now he’s in a class and it’s hard." Similarly, Maggie claims she and Emily share a similar connection, "We have conversations with each other all the time, people just don’t believe it."





Leeker Twins Puzzle




Whether teaming up as a pair to win an argument or belting out the lyrics of a school musical, these twins all seem to be the best of friends while keeping healthy competitive relationships.

Reed Twins Puzzle

Next time you walk down the hallway and see one of these twins and then the same person immediately after, just know that each our completely different people, despite their look alike characteristics.