Coach Cross's Camaro

Hot in the Lot: Coach Cross’s Camaro

More by Jack Rehm - 02/12

Cross's Camaro










When Coach Jared Cross pulls into the DHS parking lot, almost every student immediately knows who is behind of the wheel of the dark black LS 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. Cross’ car stands out among the staff cars as one that many students consider to be “cool” and a “really nice ride”.

 The Camaro, equipped with a V-6 312 horsepower stock engine, is one that Cross has been driving since October 2010. Previous to this car, Cross has driven a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird, 1994 Nissan Maxima, and a 2008 Honda Civic, which, in my opinion, all pale in comparison to his newest set of wheels.

“It’s a car I’ve always wanted,” Cross explained. “I wanted one in high school but couldn’t afford it back then.” He also claims that he’s never gone over the speed limit which is hard to believe in such a powerful car. 
The only thing Cross wishes his car had? “More horsepower. I want the new supercharged 2012 Camaro with 550 horsepower.”
Cross believes his car does have some competition as top teacher car in the DHS parking lot. “You should check out Pat the security guard’s car,” he told Neirad, “he has a Mustang.” For now, though, Cross’ Camaro still reigns supreme in the eyes of DHS students as it is arguably the most recognizable and most admired vehicle driving on the grounds of DHS.





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