DHS Sports Managers

Lead Our Teams to Success

More by Kate Fitzmaurice - 02/12

One of the things Darien High School is known for is its amazing and successful sports teams. From football to swimming, DHS athletes are among the best. But what you may not know is what goes on behind the scenes. Neirad took an in-depth look into four of the sports team managers to see what they do that helps lead the teams to success.  


Q: What are some of the tasks that you do as a manager?

Sophomore Katie Murphy (Co-Wrestling Manager): “As a manager I help with the score boards I also help with the book for the scores. The other managers and I help the coaches during the practices and meets.” 

Senior Devon McCarthy (Co-Football Manager): “I organize uniforms before every game, take inventory of equipment, uniforms, etc., take attendance at Blue/White Game, pre-season practice, and the weight room. We Prepare things for coaches/help with copies, laminating, etc., make posters, help the parents prior to games with banners and setting up. Also we do other small tasks…lots of random things.”

Senior Carly Berizzi (Swim Team Manager): “I have to score at the meets and write out cards that say which lane and heat [each swimmer is in] the day before.”

Senior Maggie Close (Co-Hockey Manager): “If it is a home game I take the official FCIAC score with the number of goals, time of goal, and the person who shot the goal. I also have to write down every penalty and what it is for. I also fill out a sheet for every home or away game that has the number of the player who makes every shot. I call the advocate to give the score if they don’t come to the game.”


Q: What is your time commitment to the team?

McCarthy: “We're at every game, home or away. Liz Benitez and I take the bus to away games so we get there when the team gets there, and home games we get there three hours early usually. We go after school two-three times a week, depending on what is necessary that week. We still have commitment during the winter season, since there is weightlifting and usually two lifting competitions against other schools. Then, in the spring there is the Blue-White Game, so we take attendance and organize the jerseys for that, too. It does take up a lot of time, but it's worth it.” 

Berizzi:“I have to be at all the meets and the day before meets to write out the cards”

Murphy: “My commitment for being a manager in my mind is that I help the coaches with their little things that may not be so important but do need to be done. I don't have to be at all of the practices and games but I love being there around all of [the wrestlers]. I feel as the manager I should be at as many practices and matches as possible because I am really there for the coaches and to help the wrestlers.”

Close:“I have to go to all away and home games and pasta dinners if I want to.”


Q: What is your favorite part about being Manager?

Berizzi: “I like being with the boys. It’s like I have a bunch of brothers”

Murphy: “The best part of being a manager is being by all of the guys and watching the sport because it is very interesting. “

McCarthy: “I love watching football. I also like seeing the team progress from the winter weightlifting season to the end of the season in the fall, especially since I see a lot of the work that goes into it. 


Q: What made you want to become manager?

Close: “I did it freshman and sophomore year. I had friends on the team and don’t do anything in the winter so I decided to do it.”

Murphy: “My brothers were wrestlers on the team and all of the wrestlers for the past few years have been great friends so I found myself being offered the position to be a manager and I had wanted to so I was ecstatic when I was asked.”

Berizzi: “This was my second year of doing it. It’s really fun and I really recommend it.”

Q: Anything Else?

Close: “The hockey team is awesome. They’re doing really well this year.”

Murphy: “I love all of the guys and the coaches they are such good friends and they are so fun to be around. They are all so great and I am honored to be a manager for them.”