This Month in DHS Cribs - Dillon Fitzpatrick

By Sam Meyjes- 03/12

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If you were disappointed with the Denver Broncos 45-10 loss to the New England Patriots, do not worry. You are not alone. Sophomore Dillon Fitzpatrick, for one, is still getting over the blowout. This month's cribs will take you inside the room, and mind, of a life long Denver Broncos fan.

Just to prove how much of a fan he is to the Mile High team, here is a wall in his room. Notice anything strange? You should. Very few bedrooms have blue spray-paint spelling out “BRONCOS! TEBOW!”, in really bad handwriting. That’s because very few people were as excited as Fitzpatrick was after the overtime win the Broncos dished out to the Pittsburg Steelers a week prior to their loss to the Patriots.

“The most apt explanation I can give for why I spray-painted my room is that it’s like a tiger having stripes. It was just bound to happen.”



Besides spray-paint, other Broncos attire decorates his room: three Champ Bailey jerseys, one Tim Tebow jersey, two Broncos hats, a Champ Bailey fathead, a John Elway fathead, a Bronco helmet fathead, his 8th grade “Heart Art” project,  a Broncos pillow, an orange blanket, orange window shades, and Broncos-colored walls are all included in his inventory.