DHS Celebrity Look-a-Likes

More by Isabelle Perticone - 03/12

Have you ever been told you look like “that guy/girl from that movie?” DHS is filled with celebrity look-a-likes. From comedians like Jack Black to award winning actresses like Julia Roberts, this school is overflowing with celebrity duplicates.  Their resemblance is enough to make you do a double take.

Danielle ShindlerJulia Roberts
Senior Danielle Shindler
- Julia Roberts

Blake LangeLucas Till
Sophomore Blake Lange
- Lucas Till








Christian RottnerJack Black
Junior Christian Rottner
- Jack Black

Elsa CaseLogan Lerman
Junior Abby Howe
- Rashida Jones








Nina PrestonMaiara Walsh
Senior Nina Preston-
Maiara Walsh

Juilianne RoachMegan Fox
Junior Julianne Roach - Megan Fox








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