The Battle Between the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III

More by Viara Radoulova - 02/13

In the hallways of DHS, the battle between smartphones finally comes down to Apple versus Samsung. These are the top two-rated phones on the market yet both have their differences.

When the students were asked about which one they would prefer, all said iPhone 5, not giving a second thought to the Galaxy.

“I have never seen how the Samsung Galaxy SIII looks like. They should advertise it more,” sophomore Alaine Connolly suggested. It is not as common to see advertisements of the Galaxy while Apple has advertisements of the iPhone 5.

DHS students said they believe that people usually get the iPhones because their friends have one and because of its popularity.

The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII are both excellent smartphones. Both are top of their class, and both very impressive without doubt. But which is best for you?

The design of the phone probably plays a lot into preference as well. The iPhone 5 has a glass and aluminum design that is admittedly quite attractive. Still, the Galaxy SIII′s plastic body still manages a very premium look. The 4.8-inch screen on the front also adds to the appeal in design. The iPhone 5, on the other hand, is four inches.

Does size matter? “Samsung Galaxy is too big. I can’t fit it in my hands or pocket,” sophomore Sofia Martinez complained. Many students at DHS mentioned how they wish the iPhone were all screen though.


Another concern is the price of these two popular phones. While this varies based on carriers and where you are in the world, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is generally a little bit less expensive than the iPhone 5.
If you were to buy your phone from Best Buy, an iPhone 5 with a 64GB memory can be bought for $400 while a Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G with 16GB costs around $180 if you were to start a 2-year contract.

The iOS app store is slightly larger than the Android Play Store, but it is quality that matters, not. For now, iOS is still winning but Android is catching up.

Both phones have Navigation. However, Apple has a few well-publicized glitches with its new Apple maps. Unlike the iPhones, Android ones offer more detailed maps and better traffic info. 

More about the Samsung Galaxy SIII

Wireless charging.

Do you ever have that moment when your phone starts ringing at an inconvenient time and you are fumbling to turn it off? With the Galaxy SIII all you have to do is turn the phone over.

The 'Smart stay' is an eye sensor system that prevents the phone from dimming. It recognizes how users are using their phone by having the front camera identify a subject in a photograph's eyes. This “Face Recognition” feature that will recognizes faces, matches them with contacts and even tags them.

Which is better?

There is no right answer. In the end, if you like the openness of Android, the SIII wins. If you want the neat, tidy, and easy to use phone, get the iPhone 5. Many argue, too, that the iPhone is an easier device and more friendly for users to start with as a smartphone. But the momentum, for now at least, seems to be with Android and Samsung’s SIII is its best advert. The iPhone has become an icon among its fans. It’s not cheap, but those fans say you get what you pay for while others say that the SIII does more for less money.

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