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August 2016
Dear Parents,
I am so thrilled to have been selected as the principal of Middlesex, and I look forward to getting to know you, your students, and the community. Our two assistant principals, Andrew Byrne and Michael O’Neill, join me in welcoming you to what promises to be an exciting and productive year. As summer is fast drawing to a close, following are some updates and reminders:

HOMEROOMS: The moment your child has been waiting for all summer has finally arrived: Team and homeroom assignments have been finalized. The homeroom number can be found on the front address label of this mailing, and it corresponds to the team list that is included in this packet. By locating the homeroom number and the then identifying the corresponding team, your child will know his/her placement.

TEAM PLACEMENT: Assigning teams is a complex process, and includes specifics such as educational needs, subject choice and class size. Thus, placements will not be changed on the basis of teacher request or social groupings. We appreciate your support in assuring your student that he/she will be successful in middle school regardless of the team placement.

SCHEDULES/LOCKERS: Students will receive their schedules and locker assignments during homeroom on September 1, the first day of school. Staff members will be available to assist students during the first few days of school. Please assure your student that she/he will be comfortable in the building within a very short amount of time.

OPEN HOUSE: Mark your calendars! To give you an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and learn about curriculum and expectations, we will hold an open house for each grade level as follows:
· Grade 6: September 12
· Grade 7: September 13
· Grade 8: September 14
This is an informational evening, not intended for individual conferences. Students should not attend.

BOSTON TRIP: The 8th grade will be travelling to Boston from October 13 through October 14. More information can be found on our website and students will attend a meeting on September 2. The cost of the trip is $450.00.

NATURE’S CLASSROOM: 6th graders will travel to Colebrook and Ivoryton from November 21 through November 23. The cost is $250.00 More information will be distributed in the fall.

· No halter tops or spaghetti straps
· Appropriate length for skirts/shorts
· No inappropriate T-shirt messages/advertisements
· Flip-flops permitted from April 1 through November

VALUABLES: We encourage students to leave valuable items and items that do not fit in lockers, such as skateboards, at home. The school will not be responsible for any items that get lost or damaged.

SCHOOL PHOTOS: Pictures will be taken on September 7. Order forms will be sent home with your student on September 6.

YEARBOOK ORDERS: Yearbooks may be ordered online at the school website. These must be ordered in the fall and will be distributed on the last day of school.

ASPEN: Parents may use ASPEN, our student management system, to access student grades and mid-quarter progress reports. If you have not done so already, please register for an ASPEN password through our IT department by emailing aspen@darienps.org. Please update your contact information if necessary.

FORMS: Forms that need to be signed and returned to school are included in this packet or can be accessed by clicking on “MMS Summer Mailing” on the school website. These are:
· Student Contact/Medical Emergency: This must be updated on the ASPEN Parent Portal. Directions are on the BLUE sheet in this packet. PLEASE BE SURE TO PUT YOUR INITIAL AT THE BOTTOM OF ASPEN.
· Written Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information: If you do not want to disclose your child’s personal information, please make a note on the ASPEN portal and submit the Written Request for Non-Disclosure of My Child’s Directory Information 2016- 2017 form to the main office.
· Optional Forms:
1. Free/Reduced Lunch
2. Lunch Express Account Deposit (on school website)
3. Music for Youth contribution
4. Lunch Bunch Participation form

SCHOOL START TIME: School begins at 7:55 and students are expected to be in homeroom by 7:50. Late arrival is disruptive to your child, to the teacher, and to the other students. If your student does not take the bus, please be sure he/she arrives on time.
· Students arriving between 7:20 and 7:40 must use the cafeteria entrance near the bus loop.
· Students may arrive as early as 7:20 for extra help and school sponsored activities. 7th and 8th grade students must check in at the cafeteria and 6th grade students must check in at the gymnasium before going to see their teacher.
· After 7:40, students may use the Rotunda entrance.
· For security reasons, the South parking lot doors are not for student/parent use and students should not be dropped off in the south parking lot.

TARDY STUDENTS: If your child is late, he/she must report to the main office with a note from you, as attendance is taken at the beginning of homeroom.

· Only the front parking lot is to be used when dropping off your child. Please do not endanger her/him by dropping off on Hollow Tree Ridge Road or any of the surrounding streets.
· The bus loop is for buses only.
· Cars should pull all the way around the curb until the sine stops in the Drop Off Zone which can accommodate ten to twelve cars at a time.
· Parents may not cut the line. This is dangerous and slows down the process.
· Students should exit the car from the right.
· The busiest time is from 7:30- 7:45. Avoiding the rush would be helpful!
· There is only one drop-off lane, but the area between the first two parking space rows can be used as a second line for drop-off.
· If departure is delayed due to loading or if you need to enter the building, please park in the parking lot.
· Please review the parking diagram located on the school website.

DISMISSAL: Students are expected to leave school property following the dismissal bell unless they have a teacher appointment, detention, or a school sponsored activity.
· Late buses pick up at 3:45, and run four days a week, Monday-Thursday.
· If you are picking up, please make transportation plans with your child ahead of time.
· Students who are not picked up by 3:00 and who do not have a scheduled activity are expected to remain in the Media Center until they are picked up or until late buses.
· Students may not just hang out after school, but must be participating in a planned, school sponsored activity.

· Park only in the designated areas.
· Do not double park along the front curbs.
· To avoid the delays, you make pick your child up a few minutes later- she/he may wait in the rotunda area.
· Please adhere to the safety rules in order to avoid a crisis.
Ridgely Street, Edgerton Street, Hollow Tree Ridge Road, and Valley Road are not to be used for parking, pick-up or drop-off. Please respect our neighbors.

EARLY PICK-UP PROCEDURE: Although it is best to schedule appointments for after school, if the need arises, following is the procedure for picking your student up early:
· Send your child to school with a note stating the time of dismissal.
· Your child will show the note to the teacher she/he has at the stated time of dismissal, and the note will be signed by the teacher.
· Your child will meet you in the front office with the signed note.
· You will sign your student out.
· If your student is returning, she/he must come into the front office to get a pass to class. You do not need to accompany her/him.

VISITORS: To ensure your child’s safety and to monitor who is in the building, we now have a Campus Monitor, Maggie Thompson, who will greet parents and visitors, photograph licenses/photo IDs, and guide our guests to the main office. All visitors must sign in at the frong office and receive and display a guest badge

Shelley Somers

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