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Hindley Elementary School

General Information

School Hours: 8:25AM - 2:55PM

Please notify the school every day your child will be absent. You can call the school voice mail system and leave a message in the mailbox:

School Phone Mailbox
Hindley 655-1323 5777

After classroom attendance has been taken and sent to the office, a check will be made against the absences phoned in to the school. In any case of absence where there has been no notification by the parent, contact will be made with the home to verify the absence.


Please provide your child's teacher with a note requesting early dismissal. Parents are requested to pick their child up 15 minutes before the end of the school day in the common room/cafeteria.


Students arriving late to school should report to the school office.


Sign up for Ed-Alert! The Darien Public Schools provides an emergency notification service that allows parents and staff to receive emails and text messages about urgent information from the Office of the Darien Superintendent of Schools.  Go to and click on the link to sign up.

Emergency School Closing Notification
Radio Station AM Setting FM Setting
WEBE-Bridgeport -- 108.0
Star 99.9-Bridgeport -- 99.9
WICC-Bridgeport 600 --
WLAD-Danbury 800 --
WCBS-New York 880 --
WDAQ-Danbury -- 98.3
WGCH-Greenwich 1490 --
WEFX-Norwalk -- 95.9
WSTC-Stamford 1400 --
WKHL-Stamford -- 96.7
WTIC-Hartford 1080 96.5
Television Station Channel
Cablevision 12
WTNH--New Haven 8

The school system itself, except for a major emergency or extraordinary road conditions, will remain open until the usual closing time. For everyone's safety, we suggest that you allow your child to be transported home on his/her regular school bus.

During the year there may be times when reports will indicate that the weather will clear and the traffic conditions will improve in a short period of time. Based on these reports, the Superintendent will delay the opening of schools for 90 minutes. The schedule would be as follows:

Emergency Delayed Opening Schedule
School        Regular Opening Delayed Opening
Darien High School         7:40 a.m. 9:10 a.m.
Middlesex Middle School         8:00 a.m. 9:30 a.m.
Tokeneke/Hindley/Royle         8:25 a.m. 9:55 a.m.
Ox Ridge/Holmes         8:55 a.m. 10:25 a.m.

The announcement over the radio stations and cablevision will state that the Darien Public Schools will start 90 minutes later than usual. However, please keep listening to the radio as a delayed opening may change to a closing, if the situation gets worse.


There are two early dismissal times:

Morning Emergency Dismissal; All grades dismissed at 10:55 am. No lunch will be served.
Afternoon Emergency Dismissal: All grades dismissed at 12:55 pm. Lunch will be served.

All students will go home on the bus they regularly ride to school in the morning. There is no but to the YMCA on emergency closing day.

The following are the procedures used by the Darien Public Schools when making decisions regarding school closings, delayed openings and early dismissals necessitated by weather conditions:

During adverse weather conditions the decision to keep open or delay the opening of schools is principally informed by the need to assure the safety of students, and the ability of staff to report safely for duty. The final decision will ultimately be made by the Superintendent of Schools.

Typically, we begin assessing conditions between 4:00-4:30 a.m. unless conditions the previous evening already made it evident that schools should be closed. We receive information from a variety of source-persons on the ground in Darien, weather services, and fellow superintendents in districts immediately adjacent to Darien. Given parental time needs to make alternative arrangements for the care of children, and because many staff members travel considerable distances to arrive at schools, our intent is to make a decision by 5:30 a.m. so that it may be communicated between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m.

A decision to close schools for the day, once made, will not change. A decision to go with a 90 minute delayed opening will be chosen if we have reason to believe that travel conditions will improve sufficiently to allow students and staff to arrive safely at school. Parents should continue listening to designated radio and cable stations following the announcement of a delayed opening. If travel conditions do not improve or get worse, the delayed opening may be changed to a full day closing. Any such change will be communicated via the stations listed on the attached information sheet.

Occasionally, adverse weather conditions occur after students and staff have begun a school day. If conditions reach a point where we judge safety of students and staff may best be protected by an early dismissal, we will communicate such a decision via radio and cable TV announcements. We will make every reasonable effort to follow the early dismissal times shown on the attached information sheet. Parents are urged to have an emergency plan in place for child care should children be sent home on an early dismissal.

In the final analysis, parents make the decision whether they will send their children to school on those days when there exists some potential for difficult travel conditions and schools remain open.

Please rest assured that we will do our very best to monitor weather conditions and make timely, rational decisions.


Extended vacations beyond the regularly scheduled school vacations are strongly discouraged. Skill development is a day-to-day process. Interruptions to your child's normal school calendar may be harmful to the learning process. It is difficult for teachers to prepare homework before, during and after an extended vacation. In order to discourage extended vacations, it has become a district wide practice for teachers not to be required to provide extra homework. 


Contingent on space and acceptable behavior, parents may request that their children ride another bus to a friend's house or for other necessary purposes. All requests must be in writing and submitted with the understanding that the administration reserves the right to grant bus changes. Long-term change requests must be discussed with the principal. 


The bus loop is reserved for buses only. Cars are not allowed in the bus loop. At arrival and dismissal times, students must be picked up and dropped off at the designated area only. 


As of October 1, 1993, Connecticut State Law requires ALL BICYCLE RIDERS UNDER THE AGE OF 14 TO WEAR HELMETS. Students are to park and LOCK their bicycles in racks located on the school grounds. Bicycles are to be walked to and from the bike rack.

Bicycle riders should stay in single file on the right hand side of the road using hand signals and obeying traffic lights and road signs. On heavily traveled roads, bicycle riders use sidewalks, granting the right of way to pedestrians, except in downtown areas where bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks. It is strongly urged that children not ride double on bicycles. Also, a child is not to borrow another bicycle without permission from the owner. It is recommended that all bicycles be registered with the Darien Police Department.

Hindley Elementary School

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Darien is now using ASPEN, a secure Web-based information management system to collect contact and medical emergency information and for parents to request non-disclosure of directory information for students.

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