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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology is also referred to as Educational Technology, or simply "EdTech." EdTech is the integration of technology-based resources into the educational process. EdTech encompasses a wide range of tools and platforms designed to enrich teaching and learning, making it more engaging, effective, and accessible. 

Our school district supports a diverse range of hardware:

  • Elementary students have access to Chrome tablets and Chromebooks, with the ability to take devices home starting in Grade 5. Staff have access to digital displays and PC laptops.
  • Middle school students are assigned Chromebooks that may be utilized in school or at home. Staff have access to digital displays in every classroom and are assigned PC laptops.
  • Our high school students are invited to bring in their own device. Teaching staff are provided iPads and MacBooks and every classroom features a projection system.
  • Staff and students at every level access a library of software resources. More about specific titles your child may be using can be found on the Data Privacy page.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the specific EdTech tools and platforms we utilize to enhance your child's educational journey. We are committed to ensuring that technology complements our rigorous academic standards, nurturing the learners of today to be our leaders of tomorrow.

Benefits of Educational Technology

How We Implement Educational Technology