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Allergy Information


Nutrislice is a website we use to publish our menus. While it does list allergens, we ask all parents who have students with allergies to discuss them with the food services department directly. Parents should email the school kitchen manager either daily or weekly to order lunches. This ensures meals are created without the risk of cross-contact.  Please submit daily emails to the kitchen manager by 6 AM the day of, and copy on the correspondence.  

Substitution Note

There have been times that the global supply chain shortages have affected our ability to make our planned menus. We do our best to update the menus in advance, but last-minute changes are sometimes required. Additionally, there are substitutions sent to us to fulfill the items we purchase often.  Some of these substitutions have ingredients that will not be listed on the regular menu and could have potential allergens. This is why you must contact your student’s school kitchen manager as well as register allergens with your student’s school nurse.

Click here for: Health Services

Click here for: Food Services Staff 

Also, see the list of kitchen managers below.

If you have any questions, please reach out to: 

Food Services Team:
Meghan Bendish
Director of Dining Services
Phone:  (203) 656-7435

Chandra Russell
Operations Manager

Maureen Genna
Darien District Chef

Darien High School
Luis Cedeno

Chef Manager

Middlesex Middle School
Noelle Kopec

Kitchen Manager

Hindley Elementary School
Maureen Szanto

Kitchen Manager

Holmes Elementary School
Olivia David

Kitchen Manager

Ox Ridge Elementary School
Rocio Villanueva

Kitchen Manager

Royle Elementary School
Tamara Carter

Kitchen Manager

Tokeneke Elementary School
Lortesha White

Kitchen Manager

General Inquiries