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Immunization FAQ

IMMUNIZATIONS FAQs (rev. 03.15.2023)

Due to recent changes in Connecticut State laws pertaining to immunizations, there have been many questions about the public health requirements to attend school. Below, please find answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please contact your child’s school nurse School Nurse Contact List

1. Where can I find a list of vaccines required by CT Law for my child to attend school?   
In accordance with Connecticut State Law, children must be adequately immunized to attend and remain in school. For a full list of vaccine requirements to attend school in Connecticut please go to CT School Immunization Requirements 2023-24
2. What if my child was delayed with starting a vaccine schedule and is not fully vaccinated according to the guidelines? 
Under some circumstances, children may be allowed to enter and stay in school on a conditional status but only if they are catching up on the vaccines required to attend school. Conditional status allows a child to attend school while waiting for their next vaccine dose required by the state according to the CDC immunization catch-up schedule These cases must be reviewed and approved by the nursing department prior to the student starting school. Ongoing conditional attendance is contingent upon documented compliance of the catch-up schedule and proof of future appointments. Students who are on an alternative catch up schedule due to medical reasons must have documentation from the primary health provider documenting the need for an alternative catch up schedule. Any alternative catch up schedule must be outlined by the provider and submitted to the health office. 
3.  What documentation do I need to provide for my child to remain in school while on a catch up schedule/conditional attendance? 
Students who are on a catch-up schedule must provide the school nurse proof of the vaccine administered and of the next dose appointment in order to remain in school. Failure to do so may result in a temporary exclusion from school until documentation can be provided.. 
4.  What if my child is unable to keep the scheduled vaccine appointment? 
The only delays in vaccination catch up schedule that will be approved are those that are related to an acute illness where a medical professional has deemed and provided documentation that the vaccine should not be administered at that time.  This documentation must include the date for the follow up appointment for the illness as well as the date of the next appointment to receive the vaccine. CDC Advisory Committee (AICP) Vaccine Contraindications and Precautions  Any other reason for delay in a vaccine appointment which is not documented by a medical provider and/or are not medical in nature will not be accepted and may result in temporary exclusion from school. 

5.  What if I can’t get an appointment at my child’s doctor to receive the vaccine?
Vaccine supply and appointment availability can be subject to many variables outside of your control. Although many parents prefer to only go through their child's provider for vaccines, delays in vaccination due to a provider's lack of a vaccine supply or lack of availability will not be accepted as a valid reason for delay. If it is not possible for your child to receive required vaccines from their health care provider, contact alternative vaccine providers in the State including the Norwalk Community Health Center, CVS Minute Clinic, or Walgreens


6.  What if my child had a Religious Exemption to vaccines? 
Effective April 28, 2021 Connecticut no longer accepts any new religious exemptions. Children who were enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade and who had a valid, completed Religious Exemption form on file with the school nurse as of April 27, 2021 may continue to elect a Religious Exemption. Students who transfer from schools within Connecticut only who had a valid, completed Religious Exemption form in their school health file with their school nurse prior to April 27, 2021 will be allowed to continue to have a Religious Exemption to immunizations. Children who transfer in from states other than Connecticut, or out of the Country after April 27, 2021 are not eligible for Religious Exemption to immunizations in Connecticut. 
7.  What if my child has a Medical Exemption? 
Students who have been identified as one who has a medical contraindication to vaccines are still eligible for medical exemptions if deemed appropriate by their health care provider.  ACIP Guidelines for Vaccine Contraindications and Precautions.  Connecticut Practitioners (MD/PA/APRN) must document the vaccine(s), exemption duration, and all contraindications or precautions that apply to the student for each vaccine. Student Medical Exemption Certificate for Required Immunizations
Medical exemption status may be temporary or permanent. If temporary medical exemption is not updated beyond the expiration date, the student may be excluded from school until an updated form from the provider is received or the dose of the missing vaccine is obtained. 
8.  What happens if there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable illness?
When there are cases of a vaccine-preventable illness in the community (or, in some circumstances, a single case of a vaccine-preventable disease in your community), a child who is not immunized or under immunized may be asked to stay out of school for the duration of the outbreak. For more information please go to: If You Choose Not To Vaccinate Your Child - Understanding the Risks and Responsibilities
Click here for PDF version of Immunization FAQs: Immunization FAQs 2023-2024