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Our campus security department recently entered the self-assessment phase in order to become accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Self-assessment refers to the internal, systematic analysis of an agency's operations, management and practices to determine if it complies with applicable standards. Self-assessment requires the careful review of campus security program standards in making these determinations. CALEA will confirm compliance for initial accreditation through a remote, web-based file review and on-site assessments.

The accreditation process is expected to take approximately twenty-four months. This process focuses on the safety and security of students, and applies standards that require organizations to consider critical issues such as facility risks, technology-based security monitoring, preventative measures, and a host of other issues that provide comprehensive service delivery. 

Presently, our Campus Security Department is the only public K-12 campus security department in the nation that is seeking national accreditation. Within the CALEA model, agencies develop sound policies, make data-driven decisions, and implement appropriate technologies, equipment, and training. Accreditation results in greater accountability within the agency, reduced risk and liability exposure, increased community advocacy, and more confidence in the agency’s ability to operate efficiently.

It is expected that in 2025, CALEA assessors will visit our school system for an on-site assessment to confirm compliance with accreditation standards that are applicable to the school’s safety and security efforts before awarding our campus security department full accreditation.

CALEA standards are structured to complement the needs of the public, while also providing a foundational blueprint to support agencies in the voluntary pursuit of excellence through the process of accreditation.