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1.     Are the SSOs all former police officers?

Yes, under Connecticut law SSOs must be former law enforcement officers with at least fifteen years’ experience. All of our SSOs have decades of law enforcement training as well as experience, all have leadership experience and all are focused on school safety and security.


2.     What training will the SSOs receive?

Training will include but not limited to: CPR, basic first aid, AED, de-escalation, use of force, firearms, campus security, visitor management, threat assessment and response, incident command, FERPA, school law, mandated reporter, sexual harassment, physical and psychological management training, RULER, DBT, responsive classroom, scenario-based training, preventing bullying, emergency response training, and sensitivity training.


3.     How will we deal with day to day complaints about the SSOs?

Under the proposed structure they would follow a chain of communication beginning with the building principal and escalate to the Director of Security if necessary.


4.     Do we have a timeline for when the SSOs will receive the required training, certifications and licenses?

SSOs will join the district and will be trained starting April 3, 2023.


5.       What is the timeline for the SSOs being placed in our schools?

SSOs will be assigned to our schools starting April 17, 2023.


6.       What is the incident command response in light of the addition of SSOs?

The State Template for the Emergency Response Plan mandates that the incident commander is always the Principal or Administrator in Charge even if there is a presence of an SRO or SSO. Then this role is relinquished upon arrival of the Police Department. Should there be an incident the Incident Commander (Principal) would provide instructions for the SSO to intervene appropriately should an incident occur.


7.     Will the SSOs have a role in student discipline?

No. Each school’s teachers and administrators remain responsible for this role.


8.     Are the SSOs responsible for law enforcement?

No. The SSOs primary responsibility is the safety and security of all students, faculty and staff. The law enforcement role is that of the Darien Police Department.


9.     Will the SSOs take away responsibility or discretion from teachers or administrators?

No. The SSOs primary responsibility is the safety and security of all students, faculty and staff. Student-based matters are the role of teachers and administrators.


10. What if my child is apprehensive about the SSO?

Parents shall first bring any concerns to their building principals. 


11. How will the SSOs be introduced to the students?

Principals will be introducing SSOs to students starting April 17th.