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FirstView App at Darien Public Schools

FirstView™ App at Darien Public Schools!  

Firstview App will go live September 18, 2023

FirstView™ is your resource for knowing the location of your student's bus, estimated arrival times at your student's stop and the bus's arrival or departure from school. FirstView™, powered by First Student, is a partnership with the school districts First Student serves, bringing increased transparency and communication about the school bus to students and their families.

Currently, FirstView™ is only available to a small number of school districts, but we are pleased to announce that FirstView is now available to you at Darien Public Schools.

To get started, first you must download FirstView™ from your app store using the buttons below. Or, you can use the LAUNCH button below to access Web-based FirstView™ from any internet connected computer. Register first, using your students' identification number(s) which can be located in ASPEN.

  • Dedicated Customer Support
Contact FirstView:
  • Emailing us at; or
  • Using the in-app button to provide feedback.
  • Live Tracking and Predictive Stop Arrival Times
The map shows the location and direction of your student's bus, your student's stop times for the day and timestamps for school arrivals and departures.
  • Custom Alerts and Messages
Set up push or email alerts for when your student's bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away from the stop. FirstView™ provides messages about delays; the reasons for and an estimated length.
  • Multi-Stop View
FirstView™ tracks all your students using individual colors. Every selected stop appears on the map simultaneously for easy viewing and differentiation.
  • Additional User Notifications
Main users of the FirstView™ app can connect three additional email accounts to receive email alerts.
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