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We seek and embrace diverse human differences of all kinds in effort to support the learning and growth of all students. We will advocate for and advance opportunities to support learning for everyone.


In February of 2022 the Darien Public Schools launched a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Team to support Goal 2 (Fostering a Culture that Supports Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion) of the District’s Strategic Plan. The DEI Team includes students, parents, teachers, administrators, community members and Board of Education representatives who come together to better understand the complexities surrounding DEI. Together, the team works together to make informed suggestions to guide the District in developing a school climate, culture and instructional practices that support all students.  

In year one, the DEI Team crafted an equity statement, completed an equity audit, established an equity network and further developed their own understandings and skills on matters of diversity, equity and inclusion.

As we move forward into year two, we will further examine our findings from the equity audit and offer suggestions for consideration. Disparities identified resulted in the need to further:

  • Explore differences in cohort achievement. 

  • Review access to programs among cohorts.

  • Examine racial disparities among cohorts.

  • Provide opportunities for staff development.