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Professional development is an integral part of teaching and learning for staff. The District strives to create professional learning experiences that are consistent, connected and collaborative. Consistency is established by providing learning experiences over several sessions as limited time with a concept minimally affects teaching and learning. When opportunities are connected to the teachers’ and District goals and there are opportunities for collaboration across the learning community there is clear commitment to continuous improvement. 

Social and emotional learning professional development is addressed explicitly through the RULER Program, Responsive Classroom and our guidance and advisory programs. Implicitly, teachers address social and emotional learning across all content areas and grade levels every day as they support students in developing self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.     

Thoughtful attention to the physical environment is important in supporting students’ social awareness. In addition to maintaining learning spaces that are clean, uncluttered and visually appealing, students should see themselves represented on the walls and in libraries. Student voice and accessibility to learning materials are essential components of SEL.

Ox Ridge Faculty Charter
Hindley Faculty Charter

The District offers an Educators’ Assistance Program (“EAP”) to all employees of the Darien Public Schools. The EAP is entirely confidential and offers employees counseling, assessment and referral services in both work and life problems. These services range from help in finding elder- and child-care resources in the community, dealing with legal and consumer issues or counseling for life issues such as grief, depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

Anthem, the District’s health insurance provider, offers significant supports for employees from basic care tools to mental health and emergency service support. Anthem’s digital platform provides employees with access to additional resources.


Educator Resources

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