Board of Education Policies

One of the most important responsibilities of the Board of Education is to prepare and adopt policies that govern the operations of the Darien Public Schools (DPS). On a regular basis, the Darien Board of Education reviews and revises its policies and administrative regulations to ensure currency, consistency, and compliance with state and federal laws. As older policy statements are rescinded, new policy statements adopted by the Board are posted to this website to provide ready access to the DPS staff and community.

Series 1000: Community/Board Operation

Series 2000: Administration

Series 3000: Business

Series 4000: Personnel

Series 5000: Students

5025  Management Plan & Guidelines for Students with Food Allergies and/or Glycogen Storage Disease 
5050  Administration of Student Medication in the Schools
5075  Physical Activity and Student Discipline
5100  Restraint and Seclusion of Persons at Risk
5110  School Attendance Districts
5125  Section 504 Of The Rehabilitation Act Of 1973

5130 Student Attendance and Truancy


5140  Continuity of Attendance
5150  Admission of Resident, Non-Resident and Exchange Students
5160  Dismissal Precautions
5175  Bullying Prevention and Intervention and Safe School Climate Plan
5200  Homeless Children and Youth
5210  Student Government
5215  Standards of Conduct
5220  Student Discipline
5225  Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
5230  Chemical Health Policy for Student Athletes and Students Participating in Extracurricular Activities
5235  Conduct on School Buses
5240  Hazing
5250  Misconduct Related to Voluntary School Organizations and Activities
5255  Search and Seizure
5260  Use of Reasonable Physical Force
5265  Confidentiality and Access to Education Records
5270  Pledge of Allegiance
5275  Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
5280  Dress Code
5300  Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Electronic Communications
5310  Insurance Program
5320  Health Services and Requirements
5325  Student Privacy
5330  Health Records
5340  Physical Examinations/Screenings
5350  Immunization Requirements
5360  Administration of Medication
5375  Suicide Prevention and Intervention
5380  Student Wellness
5395  Transportation
5410  Awards and Scholarships
5610  Gifts
5620  Fundraising Activities
5710  Non-Discrimination of Students
5810  Student Use of the District’s Computer Systems and Internet Safety

Series 6000: Instruction

Series 9000: Board

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