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Darien Board of Education is seeking proposals from qualified companies to provide high school yearbook services and school picture services in accordance with this Request for Proposal.


Overview of organization – Darien Public Schools are located in Darien Connecticut with a total student projected student population of 4,662.   


Bid Posting                                            March 15, 2019

Questions Concerning RFP                      March 29, 2019

Submitted Proposals                              April 12, 2019

Submitted Bid Opening                          April 12, 2019                                        

Evaluations & Interviews Completed       April 26, 2019

Contract Awarded                                 May 1, 2019

Submission of Proposals  

Proposals are to be submitted to:

Michael E. Feeney

Director of Finance and Operations

Darien Public Schools

35 Leroy Avenue

Darien, Connecticut 06820

Proposals must be submitted no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday, April 12, 2019 Each proposal must be submitted in the prescribed format in a sealed envelope with the title “RFP for High School Yearbook & School Picture Services”, the closing date and time listed on the outside. Cost proposals should be submitted in a separate, sealed envelope labeled “Dollar Cost Proposal – Darien Yearbook & School Picture Services.”

Bid opening shall take place at the Board of Education, 35 Leroy Avenue, Darien, Connecticut 06820 at 2:00 pm on Friday, April 12, 2019.

Information must be complete and in compliance with the terms, conditions, provisions and specifications of the Request for Proposals. The information requested, and the manner of submission is essential to permit prompt evaluation of all proposals on a fair and uniform basis. Accordingly, the principal reserves the right  to declare as non-responsive and reject any proposal in which requested material information is not furnished or where indirect or incomplete answers or information is provided.

Proposals, modifications or corrections received after the specified date and time will not be considered.

Proposals that are submitted electronically, telegraphically, by telephone or by facsimile will not be accepted.

Questions ???

QUESTION: Item #1 asks for pricing on a 250 page yearbook. Yearbook pages are printed in multiples of 4 and, therefore, the book would need to be 248 or 252 pages. Do you want pricing on both page counts?

ANSWER: Item #1: Please provide a price quote for an initial page count of 248.  We would also need the cost for each additional 4 pages.

QUESTION: Item #4 asks about UV coating PER PAGE applied to senior portrait pages. UV coated pages are bought and printed in 16 page signatures or 8 page multiples.  Can you clarify which price the school wants to consider? 

ANSWER: Item #4: Please provide the cost of 16 page signatures and an estimated number of pages needed for senior portraits based on available information.

Both Yearbook and Photo

QUESTION: The submitted bid opening is on April 12th at 2:00. Do we need to be there for that or is that just an internal event?


QUESTION: Is it an all or nothing RFP? For example, if a few schools wanted one company and other schools wanted a different company, would the district split the business?

ANSWERElementary schools will not be split.

Photo Only

QUESTION:. Are the photo package sales used as a fundraiser? If so, only at the elementary level, or across all grade levels?


Yearbook Only

QUESTION: Since I am relatively new to the area (under 2 years), do you want 3 additional references from my old yearbook territory or will the references from Fairfield County schools suffice?

ANSWER: References should be current and related to the company.

QUESTION: What are the dimensions of the yearbook? It is most likely 9” x 12”, but it could also be 8 ½” x 11”.

ANSWER: The dimensions are 9"x12".

QUESTION: For the spring supplement, how many pages is it and how many copies? (Some schools order fewer spring supplements than yearbooks.)

ANSWERIf we choose to have a spring supplement, we would order approximately 200. However, the ideal would be to have enough time prior to publishing to include the spring sports and events in the yearbook.

QUESTION: Typically proprietary yearbook online software is used extensively by the adviser/staff and they spend about 95% of their production time using this software. The RFP stated that there may be presentations so is this when the software will be shown or should that be done at a separate meeting with the advisers?

ANSWER: The presentation for the RFP would be distinct and separate from the training presentation to advisors and yearbook staff


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