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Khan Academy provides excellent opportunities for students to practice math skills at their own pace, free of charge. 

Entering 6th Grade/Key

6th Grade Skills

7th Grade Skills

8th Grade Skills (exclude modeling unit)

Algebra 1 Skills  

Geometry Skills

Algebra 2 Skills

Precalculus Skills  

Calculus Skills 

AP Statistics Skills



Would You Rather Math

Hooda Math

Khan Academy

Virtual Nerd

Flipped Math

PBS Learning Media

Global Math Project

That Quiz





My Favorite Theorem In this podcast, the hosts invite different mathematicians and talk to them about theorems, how they can pair theorems with real-life objects, and what they really think about Mathematics. 

The Secrets of Mathematics A series of Oxford mathematicians explore the power and beauty of math and how the subject is useful in other fields like economics, medicine, and much more. 

A Brief History of Mathematics Hosted by Marcus du Sautoy who tells about the events, stories, secrets, and tales behind the subject.

Breaking Math The main purpose of this podcast is to make Math easy and accessible.

The Women in Math: The Limit Doesn't Exist As the name implies, this podcast throws light on women who have contributed to the field of Mathematics.

Ideas of A Complex World - Anna Seigal An oxford mathematician who explains complex concepts. 

Numberphile The show is hosted by Brady Haran, who interviews different people with an interest in Math in every episode.



Elastic Numbers by Daniel Griller

Mathematics for the Curious by Peter Higgins

The Language of Mathematics by Keith Devlin

Chaos by James Gleick

The Code Book by Simon Singh

Mathematical Puzzles:  A Connoisseur’s Collection by Peter Winkler

The Liar Paradox and the Towers of Hanoi: 10 Greatest Math Puzzles of All Time by Marcel Danesi

Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension by Matt Parker

Infinite Powers by Steven Strogatz

How to Cut a Cake by Ian Stewart

The Music of the Primes by Marcus Du Sautoy

Excursions In Geometry by C. Stanley Ogilvy

Thinking Mathematically by Mason, Burton & Stacey



PBS Infinite Series



Brian McLogan

Discover Maths

Eddie Woo 


Krista King

MathTV with Professor V

Mario’s Math Tutoring




Stand-up Maths

Up and Atom


Middle School Only: Big Ideas Textbook *From the drop down Menu choose 2019 Common Core Middle School

Additional Free Online Resources for Middle School