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course sequences & Possible Pathways

In the Darien Public Schools, World Languages is a core academic subject area. While the State of Connecticut requires only one year of a World Language to graduate from high school, almost 100% of students study another language for at least three full years. Our goal is for students to study a World Language for four years and to graduate from Darien High School with a functional level of proficiency as evidenced by the Seal of Biliteracy. We also aim to equip our students with intercultural competency skills, and a deep knowledge and appreciation of cultures and communities around the world. Whether a student is passionate about mastering a new language, delving into cultural studies, or pursuing international opportunities, the there are many diverse pathways that enable our students to do so at the highest level, regardless of where they start!

This page includes two important pieces of information. First, a Course Sequence. This is a bird's eye, holistic view of the sequence most students follow, with options. The second is all Possible Trajectories, which is a very detailed picture of all possible trajectories an individual student can take (including heritage speakers of languages we offer) throughout their time in high school once they complete 8th grade. You will notice that students are not "tracked" in high school. This means that a student has multiple opportunities to enroll in and access an Honors or AP class, even if that is not where they begin. 

Course sequences

Elementary School (Grades K-5): All students in our five elementary schools learn Spanish.

Middlesex Middle School (Grades 6-8): Once students arrive at Middlesex Middle School, they can continue with Spanish, or they can begin learning French or Mandarin Chinese.

Darien High School (Grades 9-12): After middle school, students at Darien High School can continue with Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese, or they can begin learning American Sign Language or Latin.

Possible pathwayS

First page of the PDF file: 1Pathways_1
First page of the PDF file: 2Pathways
First page of the PDF file: 3Pathways
First page of the PDF file: 4Pathways
First page of the PDF file: 5Pathways_1