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Welcome to the World Language Department

of the Darien Public Schools

Here you will find resources and information related to our programs for Grades K-12.


We believe that proficiency in more than one language is essential to function in a global society. By integrating language and culture, the K-12 World Language Department of the Darien Public Schools seeks to broaden students’ communication skills, while fostering inquisitiveness and respect for other cultures. We believe in the dynamic development of communication and language skills, empowering students to take risks using the target language, with the ultimate goal of preparing them to collaborate, problem-solve, and engage as thoughtful citizens with people around the world.

Our approach and program

Multilinguistic competence and cultural sensitivity are essential skills in a global society - skills that open many doors for personal enrichment, academic and professional advancement, and connecting with our diverse citizenry. Being able to understand people different from ourselves provides us with skills that help advance the effectiveness of our society as a whole. The World Language Department of the Darien Public Schools takes a standards-based proficiency approach to language instruction. We place an emphasis on developing students' ability to use the language they are studying at a high level and with confidence. Teachers strive to create an immersion experience in their classrooms where they are teaching in the language, not just about the language. At all levels, students begin speaking in the language on the first day of class and engage with the language they are learning on a daily basis in multiple ways.

The Darien Public Schools has made a commitment to the study of world languages, and we are fortunate to provide a lengthy sequence of language study and many options. We encourage all students to take advantage of our many programs and to learn from our passionate, cultured faculty.

Elementary School: Starting in Kindergarten through Grade 2, students learn Spanish one day per six-day cycle. In Grades 3 through 5, Spanish instruction increases to two days per six-day cycle.

Middle School: In Grades 6 through 8, students have the option to continue learning Spanish, or to begin studying French.

High School: Students can continue learning French or Spanish, or to begin studying Latin or Mandarin. Students can choose to take one or more of the world languages that are offered.

For more information about our program and specific languages, please look at the "Course Sequence" or "Placement Process" tabs in the drop-down menu in the top-left of this page.

Contact information: Christina Vázquez Mauricio, Chair of World Languages 6-12,