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world language honor societies

The World Language Department sponsors student membership in four internationally-recognized world language honor societies.


Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - DHS Auditorium - 6:30pm

Our four honor societies recognize our students' academic achievements in the study of French, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish. The societies and their members promote an understanding and appreciation of the cultures and peoples that speak those languages, and demonstrate an academic commitment to studying those languages further.

Induction and membership is open to high school students that meet the requirements stipulated by the Qualifying Process outlined below. After the department completes a thorough review of students that qualify, the students are then invited to an induction ceremony in the Spring, along with their families. This is one of the most special days at the high school!

If you have any questions about our honor societies, please reach out to the corresponding advisor, listed below the requirements for induction.

qualifying process and Requirements

World Language teachers at Darien High School begin to review student rosters during the third quarter of the school year, in consultation with the advisors for each of the four honor societies. Once a list of qualifying students is complete, it is sent to the Department Chair for review before students are notified that they have qualified for induction.

Students qualify for induction each year. Membership in any of the World Language honor societies does not automatically roll over from one year to the next. To qualify for induction and remain in good standing with the honor societies:

  • A student must adhere to all policies set forth in the DHS Student Handbook.
  • A student must not have been suspended from school during their sophomore, junior, or senior year. 
  • A student must not have had any Academic Integrity violations during their sophomore, junior, or senior year.
  • A student must be enrolled at Darien High School, enrolled in the same world language at DHS for three consecutive semesters, and be in a Level 3 course or higher during Semester 1.
  • French, Latin, Mandarin Chinese: Students that are in a 400/Honors class must have earned an A- or higher (89.5% and above) for three consecutive semesters. Students in a 300 level class must have earned an A (92.5% or higher) for three consecutive semesters.
  • Spanish: Students must be enrolled in a 400/Honors level class in Semester 1, and have earned an A (92.5% or higher) for three consecutive semesters.
  • Seniors in a 300-level Spanish 5 or Spanish 6 class are also eligible for induction if they have earned an A (92.5% or higher) for three consecutive semesters. They are also eligible to earn graduation cords.
  • A student cannot have earned a grade of a C or lower in any other subject during Semester 1.
  • Graduation cords: Graduation cords are awarded only to students that are inducted as seniors, as they symbolize a commitment to the study of a world language through graduation. Students that are inducted in prior years but are not inducted as seniors do not earn graduation cords.
SOCIÉTÉ HONORAIRE DE FRANÇAIS - Advisors: Mr. Bruce Mitchell
JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE - Advisor: Mr. John Gearty
全美中文荣誉学会 - Advisor: Ms. Yan Lyu